Town of Kingsville

Branding of The Town of Kingsville

In 2013 Kristine Verbeek, owner of K Design Studio, pitched to become the designer for the Town of Kingsville’s new logo and branding. Kristine had grown up in Kingsville and was excited for the opportunity to give back to the town that helped raise her.
Kristine was selected due to her branding experiences with Town of Cobourg & Bracebridge, along with her graphic design and illustration expertise working with Parks Canada, NHL, Marvel, Warner Brothers, and over 250 other international clients and licenses.
After winning the pitch, Kristine worked alongside Mayor Nelson Santos to thoroughly research and create numerous designs to initially present to the various committees for their review. The mission was to create a logo and branding vision that would capture both the deep history of Kingsville, along with the current and future values and vision of the town. Kingsville is known for it’s beautiful lake front, farming community, connection and protection to nature, and becoming a very active community for all ages. The branding also needed to represent the three united townships. It was definitely a fun creative challenge to symbolically capture all those elements.
Kristine also researched past tag lines, and discovered that long ago Kingsville was ‘coined’ “On the Lake“. She pitched bringing back this tagline for tourism focused logos. It was agreed to use this, along with the option of swapping it out to “Ontario” for corporate used logos.
After presenting their top concepts to the Kingsville Parks & Recreation, Arts & Culture Committee, BIA, Economic Development Committee, Kingsville District High School and Kingsville Management Committee, their comments were gathered and taken into consideration to further develop the logos. The logos were then narrowed down to the top 3, and put to a public vote, with a total of 635 people participating in the public consultation. The Kingsville Council voted and confirmed Concept 1 (shown below), which was also the public’s favourite, to become the official new town logo!
A Branding Guide was then created, which contained all logo colour variations, along with details about fonts and subtitles etc. which the town would need to help keep a consistent identity. To receive the official Kingsville logo or guide for your Kingsville events, advertising etc. contact the Town Hall : Tel: 519-733-2305
To learn more of the branding story and the meanings behind all of the branding elements:
Town of Kingsville | Winning Logo Story
Town of Kingsville | 3 Logo Finalists

Kingsville booth with Tourism Coordinator, Natalie Cobby

Kingsville Souvenirs

K Design Studio worked with Mayor Santos and Tara Hewitt, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, to create FRESH new Kingsville Souvenirs, bringing the town’s new branding to life. The souvenirs are sold to tourists and locals to wear with pride, along with give-aways for events.
To purchase Kingsville Souvenirs, visit the Town Hall. Available product is also showcased on their website here:

See Slideshow above for more Kingsville souvenir pictures.


Kingsville Coins

Kristine worked with the Mayor Santos and Tara Hewitt to also create the town’s first historical coins. MANY hours were spent researching the history of Kingsville, learning from the Kingsville Historical Museum, Archives committees, and historical books. Kristine created the concepts and final original, digital illustrations for the coins. One side of each coin showcases the new branding, and the other is a unique design of a Kingsville historical figure, and some architectural elements.
3 coins have now been completed. Only 2 have been unveiled, with the 3rd to be given as a thank you to the long term volunteers of the town spring 2022.
To learn more about the coins:
2014- Jack Minor Coin
2016- Colonel James King Coin
History of each Coin


Kingsville Events

K Design Studio worked with the Kingsville Recreational Committee, Director Maggie Durocher, to bring a professional look to the branding, apparel and print collateral for a number of Kingsville events including:

  • 2019 Kingsville Migration Festival – 50th Anniv Logo, apparel, stickers
  • 2019 Tall Ships® Challenge- Logo, Boarding Pass Booklets, posters, rack card, stickers
  • 2019 Canada Day- rack card

    See Slideshow above for more event pictures.

    Kingsville SpashPad Signs


    Kingsville Branding Popping up Around Town

    Since the branding package was completed in 2013, it’s been fun spotting all the new logos popping up all over town, including most recently the new Town of Kingsville water tower completed in 2021! (largest logo EVER) Here’s a bunch we’ve found…
    See Slideshow above for more logos in use around town!


    Water tower image by Tim King
    All designs ©K Design Studio/Kristine Verbeek/Town of Kingsville.


    Client Comments

    Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs – Parks and Recreation Department Kingsville
    You did tremendous work for us, and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. You made our work jump out and catch attention which is what we wanted. In addition you are extremely professional and easy to work with.


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