Surprize Enterprize Inc.


This national balloon distributor desired a higher-end corporate visual identity and sales collateral to help them approach larger target markets and mass retailers. They were also tired of their old corporate colours, felt their logo did not clearly show they were balloon specialists, and had an inconsistent visual marketing campaign with limited sales collateral.


Research was completed on competitors and client target to ensure we found a unique, and competitive, high-end visual solution. We reviewed creative strategies, budgets and dream marketing goals.

Their corporate identity revamp began with a new logo which expressed the vitality and spirit of the company and product. We added some freshness of colour and ensured long distance legibility; since much of their marketing is through signage. The final logo also contained a subtle spiritual expression with use of 3 balloons; their personal trinity business connection, which underlined their company values.

We then flowed this new look and feel across the board on playful business cards, flyers, labels, signage etc. The final stage was redevelopment of their outdated website. Their new playful, info-efficient, ecommerce website is now cohesive with their new branding. It has increased SEO and sinks with their inventory system to allow customers to purchase products online, and in turn boost sales and efficiency.

We then created and linked their new main website to easily manageable social media sites to keep them current, escalate client connections and give them increased SEO.

Key Services
  • New logo and corporate identity
  • Business cards
  • Mailers + conference flyers
  • Catalogue Labels
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Balloon Display Signage
  • Ecommerce website redesign
  • Social Media sites
The Result

Their new logo, corporate identity and online media now clearly symbolizes their balloon services and they have strong, and consistent sales collateral to help them approach their dream clients and widen their target market to boost sales.
We proudly inflated client’s spirit + sales.

NEW Surprize Enterprize Website