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Second Historical Coin for Town of Kingsville
Every 4 years, the Town of Kingsville honours their long-time community volunteers with a banquet, speeches and gifts. This year, on July 27th the volunteers were honoured with the newly released second Kingsville Historical coin, designed & illustrated by Kristine Verbeek, presented by Mayor Nelson Santos. Kristine worked closely with Mayor Nelson Santos and Mayor’s assistant Tara Hewitt to create both 2013 & 2017 coins.
On the front of the 2017 coin is a modified version of the Kingsville logo (also designed + illustrated by Kristine Verbeek in 2013) with the iconic double image of sailboat, birds and waves. On the flip side features the Founder of Kingsville, Colonel James King, his famous Kingsholme and fieldstone wall, representing the many historical sites and structures preserved in Kingsville.
The coins are 2″ wide, with antiqued bronzed finish. The series honours Kingsville’s rich and fascinating history. More designs are already in the works! Thanks to Tara Hewitt’s expertise writing skills, and assistance from historical committees and resources, a website page was created to explain the story, and history behind each coin.
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Kristine gives thanks to Mayor Nelson Santos and the Kingsville Board members for honouring her with this project.
Special thanks to Bob & Linda Lynch, The Kingsville Archives, Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society, Veronica Brown and Kevin Fox & committee at the Kingsville Historical Museum for all the history lessons, brainstorming and image hunt/reference assistance.
New Kingsville Coin – Mayor Nelson Santos presenting to Kristine Verbeek

Original Art


Kudos notes

Mayor Nelson Santos:

What a great experience in working with some very dedicated and amazing talent to help capture local history and honour our community’s volunteers.

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