Sanremo Café + Bakery


This very popular, yet outdated, 3rd generation café & bakery was in need of a massive creative renovation from top to bottom.

The store had a solid community and corporate client base, but did not have the extra room, or proper POS visuals to showcase it’s growing line of products. The atmosphere also felt bland and the corporate identity was outdated. They wanted to attract more youth and corporate clients to the store, improve product communication, and create a more modern ambiance, without deterring their more mature, traditional target market. Being able to update food prices and sales ads within a timely bases was problem that needed to be remedied as well.

They required a complete retail facelift and new retail marketing strategy; including expansion, renovation, corporate identity renewal, new digital media resources, print templates, menus, new packaging and POS.


K Design Studio reviewed layout plans and chosen colours and textures with the renovation company to understand the new look and feel. One prime goal was to integrate the new graphic identity and interior POS with the bright colours of the interior.

Time lines were set to coordinate with their grand re-opening deadline. We then worked hand-in-hand with the owner Nick to design a fresh new identity that expressed the new bold vision he wanted to create for his store.
We aimed to express a colourful, family-feeling atmosphere, with the inclusion of elements to express the rich history and Italian culture.

We flowed from developing a new logo, into take out menus, all in-store signage, digital menu boards, product packaging, company stationery etc. Then finished with website and implemented social media integration strategies. No item was left untouched..or should we say..leftover?

Creative solutions were also designed to work within budgets, and templates developed which he could quickly update within his own resources. All products were cohesive with the new corporate identity, and were designed to entice clients to try, or come back for more delicious Italian food!

Social Media solutions

Key Services
  • New logo and corporate identity
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital cash register graphics
  • In-store POS (counter signs, pricing, table toppers etc.)
  • Stationery designs (letterhead, invoice templates, labels etc.)
  • Take-out Menus
  • Frozen food and box packaging designs
  • Gift Cards
  • Historical mural design
  • New style quick-check food tickets for employees
  • New box, bag, cup designs
  • Website redesign
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Signature blocks
  • T-shirts
The Result

Successful revamp of all business collateral. A fresh new look was achieved that was easy to implement across the board on all collateral, and blended seamlessly with the colour combinations of the store. The revamp and new marketing POS and collateral has successfully enticed more customers and repeat service, yet still pays tribute to to their traditions and history. They feel the new look has created a unique, bright, family-based look and ambiance, and better reflects and enhances their style and services at Sanremo.

Store clients expressed immediate excitement and enthusiasm towards the new look of the store and graphics. Traffic has grown, and employees are experiencing more efficiency in servicing their clients and less repeat questions. Sanremo has also experienced increase in order in + catering orders through the new take-home printed menus. Client is able to easily update pricing, menu and counter ‘specials’ signs within a timely basis.

Online, website now matches the feeling and look of store. Client is able to update and manage themselves. New social media pages achieved substantial hits and attention after just 1 week.

2014- Sanremo Café + Bakery won Top Choice Award for Italian Bakery of the Year!