9 Years with Parks Canada

K Design was approached by Parks Canada and Distributor, Cotton Candy, in 2012 for high-end creative assistance with the start up of their new Brand Experience/Merchandise lines. They were requiring original graphics and design help to expand their brand at all sites with new souvenir product designs, advertising, POS signage and website. K Design Studio pitched and was awarded a series of projects through the years to assist in many areas, including product brainstorming, design, pre-production, product approvals, illustration, marketing posters, social ads, product photography and website refresh. Parks Canada represents over 168 National Historic sites, 47 National Parks and 4 National Marine Conservation Areas across Canada.


Key Services
  • Character illustrations
  • Product designs
  • Custom illustrations for merchandise (over 100 completed!)
  • Parka Mascot styling modifications for master art files
  • Production files for factories
  • Pre-production approvals
  • Social media assets
  • Select product photography for ads
  • Product photo editing/cropping
  • Website design (2nd site version)
  • Merchandise Onsite Posters
  • Packaging design
  • Communications/meetings


The Result

It has been an absolutely incredible experience and journey working for Parks Canada and affiliates, and awesome to be part of their first Official Merchandise program. It has also been honouring to help give back to such an important part of Canada, and help protect our country’s natural wonders. Every purchase of Parks Canada official merchandise supports Canada’s national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas.
From a small start-up line of products, the merchandise line has now grown to be a self sufficient, and profitable brand line. They have taken on other high-profile designers, and expanded their in-house design staff to help expand the designs and product lines and efficiency of expedition of goods. They are now developing programs not only at Parks Canada shops, but also at major retailers across Canada and museum tours. Mascot Parka now also has her own TV spot showcasing highlights from various National Parks & Historic Sites. Over 90 sites now sell custom illustrated Signature Series product lines, created by K Design Studio. Prime Minister Trudeau has even been interviewed wearing K Design/Parks Canada wear!

Parks Canada Shop

To see more of our custom designs/illustrations and purchase your own Parks Canada souvenir, visit your local National Park or visit Parks Canada Shop, the online store for Parks Canada Official Merchandise. Shop a great selection of Parks Canada branded, well-made products that connect the world with Canada’s incredible natural spaces and historic treasures. Parks Canada Shop is the official merchandise of the true Canadian spirit.
Authentic. Canadian. Quality.

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© Product Designs/Illustrations by Creative Director, Kristine Verbeek, Parcs/Parks Canada

Parks Canada Retail Showroom

(Cotton Candy, Mississauga, ON)
Parks Canada Showroom Snapshots


Kudos notes

Erika Taves, Brand Advisor, Parks Canada:

LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with what your Cotton Candy team, Kris and Gen were able to pull off to get all launched today.

This collaborative effort was fuelled by hard working, passionate, professional and talented people. It was no small feat to pull this one off and everyone deserves a huge pat on the back.
The e-store looks great – good job everyone!
Go team go!

Geneviève Garceau, Brand Officer, Merchandise, Parks Canada:

Thank you everybody for your GREAT work!!

Nicki Etheridge, Administrator, Cotton Candy:

Thanks Kris for all your efforts and hard work too. It’s been a group effort for sure and I think the final product speaks for itself