HG Brands
You have been my coach, my boss, my colleague and mentor for a very long time… You have taught me so much, ‘on and off the court’, and I need you to know that I would definitely not be where I am today if not for you.
Vivian Choi, Art Director : Soft Lines
You’re awesome!
Joe Carpino, Graphic Designer
I wanted to let you know that I am very lucky to have had someone like you as my first boss, you have set the bar high. Your concern for me and my professional development, your patience and of course organizational skills are something that I admire and hope to inspire to.
Adam Critelli, Graphic Designer
I have learned so much from you and not just work stuff, life and how one should look at everyday as a gift.
Michelle C., Administrative Assistant
I wanted to thank you for everything you have taught me. You were such an amazing mentor and teacher that I will never forget. You had great patience and all you every wanted to do was see us exceed at anything that we had troubles with. Hope we can keep in touch!
Melissa P., Graphic Designer
Thanks for your willingness to work together, your enthusiasm. You’ll be missed.
David P. Scherer, Operations Manager
Just like to thank you for a job well done on Little Sport NHL- Mike (Zellers Buyer) commented that we have some of the best designers in the industry and he does not throw compliments around lightly. You should be very proud. Makes my job so easy.
Laurin S., Owner
HG Brands is grateful for all Kristine has contributed to the company and it’s successes during the past 6 years. Her dedication, hard work and enthusiasm were always evident in all she did.
Sonia S., VP Merchandising
Great job Kristine. This type of effort will help us stand out from our competitors and only add to our reputation as a well run operation.
Glenn Wakefield, President


LPI Canada – Licensed Product Design
Thanks for your exemplary attention to detail, it is refreshing and unmatched within our licensee base.
Jim Neish, Senior Director


Basketball Ontario – Branding, Brochures, Posters
I don’t need to tell you that you’re the greatest, do I?
Jason Andrade


The Stamp Cellar – Stamp Illustrations
Thanks again for being so wonderful to work with! I appreciate your creativity and hard work and am grateful to be partnering with you in this venture.
Andrea Turcotte


CIRA Ontario – Logo Design, Fair Play Poster
I’m always impressed by you as a person and in particular your excellent creative work.
John Byl, Redeemer University College


THE DISH Magazine – Logo, Masthead, Stationery, Magazine Design
(letter included in mailed package) I have enclosed copies of our second and third issues. Thanks again for your efforts. We consistently get raves about our design. In fact, one prominent Toronto basketball player has a tattoo of THE DISH logo (without the text) on his arm! (At least that’s what my son swears). It sure has come a long way from colouring magic marker renditions in my dining room in the early hours of the morning, that’s for sure.
Sam Hill, President


Jan 5, 2009
Corporate Sports – Logo Design


Jan 11, 2009
Winner OVA Logo competition
Congrats on winning the logo competition Kristine + client. It is amazing that even though the GTA has 5+ million people, it is pretty easy for talent to stand out of the crowd. Glad to hear that the OVA recognized it when they saw it. Good luck, and don’t be surprised when competitors comes knocking on your door for a full-time creative director…Let me know if you need any product testers…t-shirts, shorts, warm-ups, etc!
Kelly, Pakmen Volleyball


Mar 3, 2009
LinkedIn Recommendation – Volleyball
I have known Kristine for years – we first met while she was an assistant coach, mentor and motivator for the Sheridan Bruins Women’s Varsity Volleyball team. Her energy, clear thinking and self discipline then was an inspiration to both staff and player alike. Our contact continued as she progressed through her career and now in her current endeavour as Director of K Design Studio. She continues to show the same hard work, dedication and creative brilliance that she has always been known for and it translates well into the approach she takes with her clients and business affiliates. There is much more to gain from working with Kristine than just a job well done – her energy and creativity will ignite your marketing campaign and elevate it to new levels.
Ariel Castromayor


Mar 6, 2009
LinkedIn Recommendation – CarPages
Kristine is a fantasticly creative thinker and designer, who has helped my company with a number of design projects and has contributed to our overall success.
Ben Mirecki
President, CarPages.ca


May 8, 2009
Acupuncture and Wellness Services – Website
I’m super happy with the concepts you sent over. But the thing is, it’s like going to a really awesome restaurant where all the food is amazing and somehow you’re supposed to make a choice. And then the waitress says, “oh, I forgot to tell you about the specials.” Funny, you had me pretty much sold on your initial concepts. Then you sent over the 2nd batch of stuff and you totally had my head spinning. Can’t choose. Woman…why do you have to be so good at your job?
Angel Seto, R. Ac.


May 11, 2009
Act of Love Foundation – Cup Design

Your heart comes through in your work, I’m all about the “heart”.
Tina Sweeney


May 25, 2009
Blue Pacific Development Corp. – Branding, Signs
You have amazing energy in your designs.
Amazing job. We like them all, and especially like 10C the most.
Thank you very much. It is nice to know that Angel has such a talented friend. The last few weeks, I am used to hearing from people what a nice business card Angel has. I used to think that most people don’t really look at a business card, so it is really something when someone takes the time to “wow” about a business card. Now, I am looking forward to hearing them saying that about mine. A business card is a business tool. You have just made my hand saw into a powerful electric
circular saw. Thanks again.
Bob Gamel, President


June 1, 2009
CarPages – Website
Great work on your part – thanks for everything you’ve done to help make this a successful relaunch. I used most of your ideas, and your designs inspired the look-and-feel for the whole site!
Tim Mirecki, CarPages.ca


June 26, 2009
Pakmen Volleyball Club – T-shirts

What do I think? Wow! That’s what I think … you are a genius!
Approved!!!! ten times over.
The students loved the shirts – almost everyone asked if they could buy one … the rep kids wents NUTS over them …
p.s. you have the best job in the world … you sell ‘happiness’ …
Kelly Smith, Manager/Coach


July 24, 2009
RetailMedix.com – Website

Hi ya Kristine! I’ve been getting great feedback from people about the site – they like how professional and clean it looks! so a big kudos to you!! now i’m just wanting for the flood of clients to come in 😛
Did a google search on my company and it’s on it! sooo happy. Talk soon!
Florence Casuga, BA, EOSC


Sep 10, 2009
Ontario Volleyball – Event Logos
With regards to logo design and feedback from our athletes: the beach players loved the beach gear this year. Indoor athletes really liked all of the logo designs for all program areas. We did not hear complaints from anyone. Kids LOVED bright coloured anything. I.e. the fluorescent orange and teal together was a hit. As was the purple and bring pinks.

On a personal note, the wedding t-shirts were loved by all!!! Everyone wanted to have their own logo created after seeing what you put together. I’m looking forward to another fun year of logo design.
Alishia Lidums, Program Director


Sep 14-15, 2009
Illustrated Commercial concepts for Cleveland Botanical Gardens- USA
You are so amazing! I love your work 🙂
Yes the mock up you completed for the elevator area and the ellipse – are exactly what I was thinking. I can not wait to see what you have in mind for the children’s area. I will run all of this by the group tomorrow – gather their thoughts and input.
(Cont’d next day) Well you have a lot of fans. My group was again very impressed with your work. They wanted me to tell you how much they appreciate what you have done for them. Do not change the garden Zen Room. Just keep working on the other spaces!
Heidi O’Neill, O’Neill Landscape and Design


Sep 14, 2009
Mall Poster Design, Logo Illustration
Thank you for this, OH MY GOODNESS – what a tremendous amount of work. Yet another “Wow Kristine” moment, I’m so impressed with your ability to give of yourself.
Monika Krzewska, Spin Design Works Inc.


Oct 8, 2009
Your Key Advantage – Poster
Hi Kristine, It was great meeting you as well. Thanks for your time today I can imagine how busy you are. You are one very talented lady. I mentioned to Elizabeth about some of the great work that you have done. We will have to arrange another meeting sometime for the two of you to get acquainted. Have a wonderful weekend.
Brenda Scholl, Managaer


Oct 28, 2009
Stone Age – Canadian Souvenir Product Designs
WOW!!!! ALL awesome. Thanks for brightening my day!
Will digest and make some decisions real soon. Keep the projects coming.
Beverly Korodetz, Owner



Nov 20, 2009
Celebrity Products Inc. – Pet Toy Product Packaging
Thanks for your amazing help!!!!!!
Mark Haberman, Owner


Dec 2009
Stone Age Christmas Card – 100s of Canadian Souvenir Product/Packaging Designs
Dear Kristine
Many thanks for ALL your hard work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to many more projects. Have a well deserved rest with your family and see you in 2010!
Best regards,
Jonathan + Beverly Korodetz, Owners


Feb 1, 2010
LinkedIn Recommendation – GraphicCARE
Kristine and I worked on an eCommerce site for a high profile client recently. She’s fabulous to work with. We delivered the site on time and on budget and the client was super-happy with the results! I look forward to more cooperative work with Kristine on future projects.
Trevor Page, Owner, GraphicCARE Inc. and Innoveight


Feb 11, 2010
Victory Volleyball Academy – T-shirts
You did a brilliant job and worked quickly. I’m very pleased.
Rick McArthur


Mar 11, 2010
Surprize Enterprize Inc. – Website surprize-enterprize.com

Grrreat, I think we have a good team with you and J. I will say J is one excellent person…a good man to know. From what I’ve seen in you, I think you care about what you do and it really shows. Bringing up the points re: legal…thanks.
Carry on soldier!
Ignazio Giammarresi


Mar 20, 2010
Pakmen Volleyball Club – T-shirts, Program Logos
Kristine, You have so much talent it’s ridiculous!  No joke, you are like an Elton John or K.D. Lang only with design!  Love them all = like #3 the best.  Let’s go with it!
Kelly Smith, Owner/Coach


May 18, 2010
Hallelujah Organics – Sell Sheets
Looks Beautiful! You got it perfect! It’s a wrap, now just the other two. Great Job!!!
Have I told you lately you are wonderful!!! No … Ok YOU ARE WONDERFUL!
Many Thanks.
Karl Tettmann, CEO – Creative Marketing Synergy


June 14, 2010
Hardgear® – Character Illustration
We are quite thankful to be working with you and looking forward to your assistance with our logo & website.
Pamela Hillyard


July 13, 2010
NHL Product Design
Thrilled to announce the designs for their Canada Souvenir + NHL products lines are flying off the shelves! Sales higher than expected. For our one Toronto client, they sold 91 of the swirl ladies tee in 4 weeks, it was their number 2 seller! YEA!!!!
Beverly Korodetz, Owner – Stone Age


Jul 28, Aug 6, 2010
Intisara Inc.- Logo & Brochure
I have to say that I think you chose the best logo. I really, really love it! It is bright, the circle and the dot in the middle are the ‘dot’ of the ‘ i ‘, the circle, to me, also represents never-ending, constantly evolving. The swirling pattern in the middle is unique and gives a feminine touch, the lettering is strong and ‘triumphant’. I feel that it is the essence of Intisara and what it represents but also who I am. Thank you, again, for capturing all that is important to me and making this logo who we are. We being Intisara and myself.

I was so excited when I picked up the brochure on Friday night. I have been given so many compliments from people on how professional and beautiful it is. Thank you sooooo much. It was well worth the money and the time invested.
Elizabeth Figueiredo,  President


Sep 1, 2010
CarPages.ca – Website ReDesign
WOW! This is a million times better than I imagined it would be. You are amazing. Pricing sounds great too, thanks for doing this with such short notice!
Ben Mirecki, President


Sep 3, 2010
SanRemo Café & Bakery – Take out menus

Thank you very much, they look amazing:) Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Nick Bozzo, Owner


Sep 4, 2010
Hallelujah Organics – Packaging Designs & Sell Sheets
Thank you Kristine for responding so quickly and being able to accommodate us. Greatly appreciated.
You always impress me.
Karl, CEO, The Managed Web Inc.
The Thai and Indian Entrée packaging look great!
By the way , thanks for your help and hard work. Hopefully you have had time to get some breakfast.
Terry Crack, Hallelujah Organics


Sep 8, 2010
ACA Conference – Brochure & Posters
Again – thanks for all your efforts on the ACA stuff. Client was extremely pleased with the work (as are we) and Richard’s been speaking highly of how good you were to work with.
Jeremy Ages, The Marketing Store


Oct 6, 2010
16,000 T-shirts
Haha! With over 16000 kids wearing your designs from across the province and country, I’m not the famous one! 😀
Ariel Castromayor, Volleyball Player & Coach


Oct 20, 2010
Real Estate Agent  – Branding
Thanks for all your hard work in designing my “new look”! Everyone loves what they’ve seen.
I will think about what to put on the door hanger for the new year. All the best!
Catherine Wellman, Coldwell Banker


Nov 4, 2010
Interior Design  – Business Cards
Wow, these are great! Could be difficult choosing. Love your idea of having letterhead printed! Girl, you got it goin’on.
By the way, had a meeting tonight with a big fish. I was glad to have a great, professional looking business card to give them. Cheers, Karen Dorris, Design Consultant


Nov 17, 2010
Pakmen Volleyball Club – T-shirts
Your pakmen designs are awesome, keep up the great work! I’m extremely impressed.
Jessy, Volleyball Player & Coach


Nov 18, 2010
Sanremo Café & Bakery – Branding, Packaging, Signs, Digital Menus etc.
It was nice seeing you also, thank you for all the great work you have done for us. Looking forward to seeing what’s to come.
Nick Bozzo, Owner


Christmas Card- Dec 2010
Stone Age Canadian Souvenirs – Product & Packaging
Dear Kris
Thanks so much for ALL your hard work and wonderful creativity! We love working with you and look forward to many more!
Jonathan + Beverly Korodetz, Owners


Jan 11, 2011
Manulife Securities – Branding
Thanks so much for your work to date. I very much appreciate your creative focus that have applied to my projects.
Linda Brackell, CFP


Jan 26, 2011
Ontario Volleyball – Championship Logos
You rock, thanks!
Alishia Lidums, Program Director


Mar 6, 2011
Pakmen Volleyball Club –  Fashion T-shirts

Wow … did anyone ever tell you you’re good? lol …
Showed kids at school “WHOOOOAAAA …. SICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKK … etc. etc.
Anyway, I love everything … as usual!
Kelly Smith, Owner


Mar 21, 2011
Stone Age Canadian Souvenirs – 100s of Product & Packaging designs
Because of Kristine, we have been able to expand our product lines in ALL categories.
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Mar 25, 2011
Creative Marketing Synergy – Rush work on Business Cards
Thanks you are an Angel!
Karl Tettmann, CEO


Mar 31, 2011
O’Neill Landscape and Design, USA – Website www.heidioneill.com
You are both awesome! Love my website. Thank you so much. 🙂
Heidi O’Neill, Owner


Apr 16, 2011
LinkedIn Recommendation
R. F. Chadwick Enterprise Solutions Ltd. – Logo
Kristine produced a corporate logo for my company. Without a real vision of what I wanted the logo to look like, Kristine led me through a thought process to develop something that we exactly what I wanted to represent my business. Her creativity and insight into potential designs to represent the essence of her customers is outstanding. I was very impressed with her professionalism and expertise and highly recommended her services.
Robin Chadwick, President


May 4, 2011
Supply Chain Systems Ltd. – website www.supplychainsystems.com
Both Rick and I appreciate all the work both you and Trevor have done. It is making the website even better than expected. Great job- as always.
Bill Simpson, President


May 15, 2011
You had just crossed my mind the other day… I’m so delighted to see your beautiful new website and all of the amazing designs you have worked on! Congratulations! Also LOVING your photography!


May 15, 2011
Retail Medix – Branding & Website
Good job on your website Kristine – looks fab! Still getting compliments on my site to this day!! I had a vision and your creativity perfectly made it a reality.
Florence Casuga, BA, EOSC


May 27, 2011
K Design – Website
Thought I would just touch base with your new site. That was 1 hour ago. The wash never got transferred to the dryer. Wow just an amazing adventure.


June 30, 2011
National Hockey League® – NHL Official Licensed Product Conference at ACC
You’re the best!
Jody Wong – Consumer Products Licensing
We are so happy with it all! Again, cannot thank you enough!
Samantha Potes – Account Executive- Consumer Products Licensing


July 12, 2011
Velocity Volleyball – New logo design

Kris they look amazing! Your a mind reader, what else is going on up there? 😉
I love how your mind won’t stop with this stuff!
Happy to tell people who did our awesome logo. Great job and thank you.
Jim Konrad, Manager


July 27, 2011
LinkedIn Recommendation – National Hockey League®
Kristine was hired by our team to bring the NHL Exchange brand to life through creative on print collateral for our trade show, including directional signage, credentials and show guide. Her experience with our brand ensured proper execution, but her creativity incorporated design elements that made them authentic to our sport. Thank you for the wonderful designs, but also for the timely and accurate delivery. It was a pleasure to work with you – you were a key to our event’s success!
Samantha Potes – Account Executive- Consumer Products Licensing


July 28, 2011
LinkedIn Recommendation – Manulife Securities Inc. 
Kristine is diligent, very organized and punctual. I am certain it is not easy meeting her deadlines as her creative talent is growing in popularity, as she develops her space in her art/trade. She is not only creative, but committed to ensure that her clients’ needs are met and exceeded. She is patient and I have always received a product that will achieve results, and I am confident that I will always end up with a graphic piece of superior calibre from Kristine.”
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Linda Brackell, Senior Financial Advisor


July 29, 2011
LinkedIn Recommendation – Supply Chain Systems Ltd.

Kristine offers a unique blend of creative spark and and business acumen that produced cost-effective yet appealing results for us. Very organized and meets deadlines. We have used her twice for website design and integration of our support material, and have been very pleased with the results. Would highly recommend her services.
Rick Green, Vice President


Aug 5, 2011
Velocity Volleyball
Have fun Design Girl, hey that’s a new super hero character, don’t forget to reference me when you use it. Somewhere between Wonder Woman and Van Gogh!
Jim Konrad, Manager


Aug 24, 2011
Linked In Recommendation – Independent Broker/Advisor
Kristine has done some amazing work for big names at a very reasonable cost… She is a very passionate woman that loves to help businesses succeed.
Helen Lopez, BBA, CPCA


Aug 29, 2011
Manulife Securities Incorporated – Larry Sarbit Event collateral
Thank you again for all of your fabulous work…you are the best!!
Linda Brackell, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor
The Larry Sarbit evening should be a bit lively….looks like we have over 120 people booked!!
Thanks for your hard work on this as well!
Cammie Ridley, Financial Advisor


Sept 7, 2011
HARDGEAR® – Illustration of their Muscleman Icon
We both commented last night, that the man has really come to life.
We really enjoy working with you too! Have a great day.
Pamela Hillyard, Owner


Sept 25, 2011
Independent Broker/Advisor – Brochure
Thanks for all the hard work! You did such a great job.
Thanks too for connecting me to Kam.
Helen Lopez, BBA, CPCA, Independent Broker/Advisor


Sept 28, 2011
LinkedIn Recommendation  – The Marketing Store
Kristine offers a unique blend of creative spark and and business acumen that produced cost-effective yet appealing results for us. Very organized and meets deadlines. We have used her twice for website design and integration of our support material, and have been very pleased with the results. Would highly recommend her services.
Richard Guy, Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator


Sept 29, 2011
Brampton Naturopathic Clinic – New Logo
Awesome awesome job. love it!!!!!! it’s a go!!!
so happy with your attentiveness…..
Rupi Mitha B. Sc., N.D., owner


Oct 6, 2011
SabbyFit – New T-shirt designs
Oh my GOD! LOVE THEM! I not sure which one I love more. I’ll need to think about this one.
Sabrina, Owner


Oct 14, 2011
Movie Poster sketches for ToonBox : The Nut Job
Thank you for all your hard work on this project… I love working with other amazing talent, since great designers can be hard to find. 🙂
Andrea Krones, Inkling Graphic Design & Photography


Oct 25, 2011
In GoodHands – Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre – Logo + RUSH Mall signage
There were so many subliminal things in the logo, body parts, spine, top of vertebra etc.. You did more than what I expected and hoped for. Thank you.
Dr. Alfin Mitha B.Sc. D.C.


Oct 26, 2011
3rd place finish OVA Logo competition

Good job design girl! Saving the volleyball world one poster at a time. Jim-Velocity Volleyball
Congrats Kristine, you certainly deserve it. Kevin- RBC
Congratulations Kristine! I think your logo kicked ass. Tiffany-SoftFocus
Awesome 🙂 John Byl
Congratulations all the same! Tina S.
CONGRATULATIONS Kristine!! Great work!…Of course yours is the best!!! Linda B.
Congats, Kris–keep up the good work! David
Way to go, Kris. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Ingrid
Way to go Kristine Robin C.
Good for you. I did go on and vote. Susan B. B.
Congrats kizz!!! You rock the Kizzba!!! Ron P.
Voted for you. Sid-SK Graphics
Vote submitted. Nice work. Adam
Now I know who to come to for a logo when I start my own club! Nicely done Kris! Rusty H.


Oct 26, 2011
Brampton Naturopathic Clinic – Retractable Banner adjustment
Thanks Kris!  Appreciate u more then u know.
Rupi Mitha B. Sc., N.D.


Oct 28, 2011

It’s so great & comforting to know that you’re such an amazing resource and brilliant designer & entrpreneur who is only a phone call away. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to help me out. You really are an amazing mentor!


Nov 2, 2011
Corus Entertainment® – Babar and the Adventures of Badou : high-end illustration touch ups

OK- that pose is now approved!
We appreciate your diligence and professionalism!
It has been pretty smooth. I look forward to working with you again sometime…
Jeremy Kaposy, Project Manager


Nov 9, 2011
Ontario Volleyball Association – Ontario Championships Website ontariovolleyballchampionships.org
We are thrilled that this was pulled together so quickly (THANK YOU!!!) and love the way it has turned out. Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Trevor and yourself for getting this put together so quickly and keeping in mind our budget. You guys are AWESOME!
Alishia Lidums – Program Director

Thanks for all your help to get this done so quickly, Kristine! (and Trevor too!) The site looks awesome!!!
Laura Mauer – Event Coordinator
You are incredibly creative, keep up the good work 🙂
Jessy, Volleyball Player & Coach


Nov 9, 2011
Toonbox Entertainment Inc. – The Nut Job – Movie Poster
It’s wonderful to hear from you! Yes, we were thrilled to receive the Animago Award for Best Character Design for the teaser. The poster for The Nut Job came out really well!! A warm thank you to you and Andrea for all your help with the poster design concepts.

We will definitely keep in mind a QR code on banner and fan website for the future.
Nahleena Tye, Manager


Nov 22, 2011
Manulife Securities Incorporated – Flyer for Event
Thanks Kristine for taking care of us!
Cammie Ridley, Financial Advisor


Nov 25, 2011
Velocity Volleyball – T-shirt Design

I feel like I am speaking with the john lennon of design 😉
Jim Konrad

Dec 05, 2011
Financial Adviser – Company Brochure
Wanted to thank you for all the hard work. I really appreciate your business sense and ideas.
You are a great partner and friend!
Helen Lopez, BBA, CPCA, Independent Broker/Advisor


Dec 8, 2011
Supply Chain Systems Ltd. – Website Design www.supplychainsystems.com
You are like the wind! Thank you very much, young lady. That was very thoughtful and appreciated. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. We do enjoy working with you…and you do good work too.
Bill Simpson, President


Dec 20, 2011
Ontario Volleyball Association – Winter Games Jerseys
These look really cool! Back in the day – when I was a Region Coach, we had to get everything ourselves and they all looked pretty bland! This looks like something to be proud of.
Ken MacDonald, Varsity Volleyball Coach


Dec 23, 2011
Thank you very much for the referral and the other business. Keep’em coming. LOL
I appreciate it very much. Happy Holidays,
Jason B


Dec 23, 2011
Stone Age – Completion of 100s of product development for 2012, catalogue + website/
Thanks for all your wonderful creations this year – we are very excited for 2012!
We appreciate all your efforts and attention to detail. You have done a truly awesome job! A huge Thank You!!!!
It is a continued pleasure working with you and we look forward to another good year. Happy 2012!
Jonathan + Beverly Korodetz, Owners


Jan 5, 2012
Brampton Naturopathic Clinic  – Really BIG Signs
signs are up!!!!! awesome work kris!
Rupi Mitha B. Sc., N.D.


Feb 9, 2012
Manulife Securities Incorporated  – Magazine Ad
The ad is wonderful – thanks a million!!
Linda Brackell, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor


Feb 10, 2012
O’Neill Landscape Design and Installation – Photoshoping images for www.heidioneill.com
You are amazing! I’m blown away by your work too 🙂
Heidi O’Neill, Owner


Feb 12, 2012
Financial Fanatic – Stationery Pkg – Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes
Fantastic, well done!!!
Izhak Goldhaber, Owner


Mar 2, 2012
O’Neill Landscape Design and Installation – Revamp of USA website www.heidioneill.com
I hope you know I am a huge fan of yours and love your work – and will always continue to have you do my graphic design.
Thank you for your Hercules effort to get my website up and running!
Heidi O’Neill, Owner


Mar 15, 2012
Pakmen Volleyball Club – Membership T-shirts
Kris … are you kidding me??? You ruined my day … I love them all and now I have to try to decide which one(s) to use … they are amazingly sick … we need to do a cover story on you and post in our eNewsletter … 2,500 people subscribe – mostly parents = many of whom are teachers, coaches, business people … and they will all look amazing on white t-s’!!! which is awesome!!!
Kelly Smith, Owner/Coach


April 13, 2012
Portfolio viewing
You are soooo prolific…I have much admiration and respect for the quality, professionalism and variety of your work.
Jeremy K., Graphic Designer/Illustrator


June 8, 2012
“Collapsed Lung” Book Design
Kris, this is awesome!
Tim Mayeur, Author


June 11, 2012
Pakmen Volleyball Club – Concept redevelopment for website pakmen.com
LOVE THEM. Thank you again for everything. We truly appreciate your service.
Proud to have your name on this site!
Kelly Smith + Brindan Baskaran, Managers


June 13, 2012
Manulife Securities Incorporated – New company Logos
That is awesome! Thanks Kristine! I am sending in to Head office for final approval as I write this….
Thank you again for your patience, professionalism and hard work!
Cammie Ridley, Financial Advisor


June 18, 2012
Healthy Home Maid Service Inc. – Logo Development
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This looks amazing! I have no idea how you find enough time to get everything done that you do! Do you even sleep?! Rich and I absolutely love the revised logo – it’s a go! Thank you so much. I really and truly appreciate you and all you do. We certainly couldn’t have done this without you 🙂
Becky Cowan, Owner


July 13, 2012
National Hockey League® – NHL 2012 Licensing Exchange Conference collateral
Thanks for your attention to everything!
Samantha Potes, Account Executive, Consumer Products Licensing
They look great! 🙂  And have been packed up for their trip to LA!
Jody Wong, Coordinator, Retail Sales & Marketing


Sept 13, 2012
Ontario Volleyball Championships – Website Design & Programming
Looks great Kris! Thanks again for all of your help.
Laura Mauer, Membership Services and Communications Coordinator


Oct 3, 2012
Ontario Volleyball – New Main Website Pitch
Thanks Kristine and Trevor, very impressive presentation yesterday, thank you for preparing and presenting with such care and sincerity!
Steve Carroll, Executive Director


Oct 3, 2012
Linked In Recommendation –  Design of self-published book
I contracted Kristine on the design (cover & layout) for a poetry / illustration book entitled “Collapsed Lung Expressions”. She was referred to me and I can see why. Kristine is great at brainstorming concepts, working in a collaborative fashion and delivering great work both on time and within budget. Most of all she is simply a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.
Tim Mayeur, Author


Oct 11, 2012
Referral Introduction – Sherwood Print
Hello Wonder Woman,
I would like to thank you for pulling such a mission impossible stunt…:)

Your love is great…
Hussein K., Manager


Oct 15, 2012
Stone Age Distributors – Design of Canadian Souvenir products (sold across Canada!)
Thanks…..u make me 🙂
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Oct 19, 2012
Mantralogix Inc. – RUSH Trade Show Booth, Brochures, Pens, Draw Box, Sponsorship Flyers
Kristine – This for you! Thanks for “making us look good”!
Jess Mann, Owner


Oct 31, 2012
Ontario Volleyball – 2013 Ontario Championships Logo + Website
Thanks again for all your hard work!
Carrie Campbell, Program Coordinator- Youth Programs


Nov 10, 2012
Up-Right Services Inc – Updated logo + Business cards
Roy and I love the cards,  they are really stunning.
Ann Benson, Owner


Nov 24, 2012
Laser Generation – Website rescue
Thx so much. Lifesavers truly. You are on my VIP list now right beside my lawyer and naturopath..lol
Suzie Swika


Dec 6, 2012
Flindall Guitars – Guitar Labels + Hang Tags
Woohoo! Looks awesome.
Rob Flindall


Dec 7, 2012
Ideal Reality – Display design
You are awesome Kristine! Thanks tons.
Suppinder Bains, Owner


Dec 8, 2012
Parks/Parcs Canada – Memories Line – Merchandise Illustration  & Design
I’m at Pearson airport and was tickled pink to see the fruits of your labour!!! 🙂
Erika T., Brand Manager


Dec 13, 2012
Mantralogix – Holiday Card
Jess Mann, Owner


Dec 17, 2012
Supply Chain Systems – Holiday Card Design
Thanks for taking care of our Christmas cards so quickly. I apologize for the short notice. You both did a great job as always, went beyond the call of duty, and I really appreciate the effort. Have a Merry Christmas.
Bill Simpson, Owner


Dec 28, 2012
Evergreen-Landscaping.com – Business Cards
FANTASTIC!……….You did such a great job, thank you & talk to you soon.


December 2012
Stone Age – Design of 100’s of 2013 Canadian Souvenir + NHL products (sold across Canada!)
Not enough words can Thank You for creating and designing an OUTSTANDING year at Stone Age.
Your efforts, patience & friendship are all so appreciated. Enjoy your new home and all the light around it!
Here’s to an AMAZING 2013!
Bev + Jon Korodetz, Owners


Jan 3, 2013
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – Signature Series – Custom Illustration & Merchandise Designs
I can see the artist worked hard to incorporate our feedback. The product is colourful, appealing and provides the right messages. Please thank the artist as well as your team.
Barb Brittain, Manager


Jan 25, 2013
Parks/Parcs Canada – Merchandise Website Design parkscanadashop.ca
Have a fabulous trip and thanks for all your work and talent.
Erika T., Brand Manager, Parks Canada


Feb 2, 2013
National Hockey League® – LIDS/Reebok Signage, Printing/Distribution
Thank you both for the hard work in getting us to the finish line.  Have a great weekend.
Jody Wong – Consumer Products Licensing


Feb 6, 2013
O’Neill Landscaping U. S.A. – Magazine Ads
You are sooo good. I love these ads. It was really difficult for me to decide which one!
Heidi O’Neill, Owner


Feb 6, 2013 – March 22, 2013
Supply Chain Systems Inc. – Website www.supplychainsystems.com
Just had a chance to sit down and click through the entire site.  Wow, the site will move from a 1990’s looking hack site to a really professional, modern, and easy to consume website.  It looks great…..and thank you both SO much for all your hard work and dedication to getting this done!!!

Many thanks Kristine…for all your help.  Appreciate your work and creativity.  So impressed with your energy and attention to detail in putting this together.  It’s a thing of beauty!
Brent & I have decided to get you a curling iron as a bonus. 😉
Dale Fisher, PMP, Manager


Site is really looking awesome.
I love the fact that I can use my blackberry (my version isn’t the latest one) and I have no problem reading this success story!  It even provides me a nice navigation drop down  which makes it nice and easy to navigate from my phone!!
Thanks Kristine.  Great work…..and take a bow!…..and Trevor too!
What a tremendous team effort. Thank-you both for the late hours over the last few days to get this published this week.

Brent Minaker, Manager


Feb 7, 2013
Sanremo Café & Bakery – Take out Menus, Digital Menuboard
Your the best!!
Thank You
Nick Bozzo, Owner


April 3, 2013
Gap Wireless Inc. – Branding, Conference Banners, Folders
Hi Kristine,
Excellent work! We are drooling over it right now.
We will continue to recommend you.
Glenn Poulos, VP & General Manager


April 30, 2013
Gap Wireless Inc. – Branding, Signage, Catalogue template
Yes, all the signs are up around the building. They look amazing. Thanks Kristine for your help and speedy work.
Scott Gordon, Marketing Communications Manager


June 26, 2013
Parrotdise Perch – New parrotdiseperch.com ecommerce website
I want to thank Kristine Verbeek of K Design Studio for her creative talents with the design of our website and Trevor Page of InnoVeight for doing the hard behind the scenes development. I think its looking pretty darn incredible. The hard work is well worth it. Every time I look at it I think, BEAUTIFUL!!
Kathleen D., Owner


July 29, 2013
LinkedIn Recommendation – Supply Chain Systems Inc. – Website
Kristine provided us with outstanding creative vision for our online presence. She was able to take our expected outcomes as described in business terms and translate them into creative deliverables. She is extremely organized and committed to the success of her clients. I would recommend Kristine’s services to any organization looking for creative expertise and value.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Dale Fisher, PMP, Manager


Aug 15, 2013
Ian Murray Insurance – Logo Design
HUGE thank you goes out to Kris from K Design Studio who designed our office a BRAND NEW LOGO!!!
Kris does an amazing job with her work, and has a positive and infectious personality!!
Check out her Blog Post about the new Logo, be sure to check out the Video at the bottom of the page!!
Ian Murray, Owner


Oct 15, 2013
Bridge to Success – Business/Project Advice
Hi Kristine – Thank you. You’ve been a great help towards our project. I’m so glad I met you. I’ll have to remember to thank Jody.
Joyce Kubik, Certified Master ADHS Coach, Project Manager


Dec 3, 2013
MS Society of Canada – MuckMS Logos
Thanks Kris for all your great work on the logos!
Carol Strauss, Marketing Manager


Dec 9, 2013
Mantralogix – Business Cards
In all my years of printing, I have not seen a reverse embossing thought out so intellectually like this. Very cool + different!
Lydia Bilyk, Print Coordinator, Printing by Heartland


Dec 9, 2013
Linked In Recommendation – Pakmen Volleyball Club – Website
I worked with Kristine for a couple of years and I have to say that she is absolutely amazing! Her graphics has turned Pakmen, a small not-for-profit volleyball club, into a brand. Not only is she extremely talented in creating graphics, but she is willing to share her knowledge with others. Kristine is great to be around because she is always positive!
Brindan Baskaran, Coordinator + Web Manager


Dec 20, 2013
“Red-Wing Sings” – www.tomomstead.com Book website
Kristine, Thanks for making my red-wing sing more beautifully!
Tom Omstead, Author


Dec 19, 2013
National Hockey League® (NHL)
It has been a pleasure working with you over the years and we look forward to continuing that in the future.
Wishing you and yours all the very best this holiday season and in the new year.
Jody Wong – Consumer Products Licensing


Dec 21, 2013
Stone Age – Completion of 100s of new 2014 Souvenir Products to be sold Nationally
And so we celebrate another amazing year with you! Our 25th anniversary year could not have been better!
Thank you for helping making it happen. Have a well deserved rest!
Bev + Jon Korodetz, Owners


Jan 3, 2014
LinkedIn Comment
You do great work.
Gord Queen, Council Member, Town of Kingsville


April 4, 2014
Evergreen-Landscaping.com – website completed in 2013
I’m now reaping the benefits of my website as I’m getting a lot of requests on the contact sheet from prospective clients. So thank you.

Today I was also contacted by a woman from a marketing company who was viewing local landscaping company’s websites to select one landscaper to be invited to an upcoming sport and hobby exhibition in Windsor. She chose my company because of the quality of our website both in terms of the type of clientele we service, our photographs and the words we used to describe ourselves and our services. She wanted to know who was responsible for designing our website so I gave her your name. Thanks again!


May 1, 2014
Mantralogix – Brochure & Business Cards
So much fun working with Kristine on this key project! Very professional and great outcome!
Jess Mann, Chief Operating Officer


July 2014
O’Neill Landscaping U. S.A. – Magazine Ads – message from her client
I chose you for the job because your ad looked the best from all the other landscapers in the magazine.
I took a chance with you, and very happy I did!
Heidi O’Neill, Owner


Aug 29, 2014
SanRemo Café & Bakery – Pizza Box Designs

The pizza boxes are amazing!
Karolina, Project Manager


Nov 1, 2014
Stone Age – 6 Year Anniversary with K Design
A very Big Happy 6th to the most amazing, creative, fun, talented KRIS!
We are so thankful that you are part of our Success and we look forward to working with you for many more!
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Nov 20, 2014
THINK LOCAL – Logo Design for Essex County
Thank you Kristine Verbeek of K Design Studio for helping us create an awesome “ThinkLocal” image. A ThinkBubble made in the image of Windsor and Essex County. There’s Wheatley, Point Pelee, Pelee Island and Middle Island too. How creative! And it comes just in time to remind people to “ThinkLocal” when shopping for Christmas. Let’s keep those dollars in the local economy folks.
Tom Omstead, Ambassador of Leamington Stands Strong


ALS 50km Challenge Logo – DONATION WORK
Feb 12, 2015  – Logo completion
I love the logo and again I appreciate all you have done. You are a huge help to this fundraiser 🙂
Kyle Wallace, Event Runner/Organizer
April 22, 2015 – Live on CTV
That’s a very sharp graphic they’ve devised right behind you!
(said to anchorman after event news announcement, logo was behind them on screen)
Jim Crichton, News Anchorman
May 11, 2015 – So the site has been officially pumped!
Wanted to thank you again for everything you did for ALS50km, and for this incredible effort. Wouldn’t have got where it did without you.
Jamie Waldron, Event Runner/Organizer
April 16, 2015 – Letter from A.L.S. Society of (Windsor) Essex County
Dear Kristine,
Thank you so much for all the help you have provided Jamie, Kyle & Jay. You are definitely a talented artist. Even your invoice is a work of art. They guys are nearly half-way to their goal- which is wonderful.
Sincerely, Sharon Colman, Manager


April 27, 2015
Velocity Volleyball Club – 2015 Beach Tank Tops
We are getting great response to the design that you did, thank you, it looks excellent!
Jim Konrad, Owner


May 2, 2015
JansFIT Photoshoot – location Point Pelee National Park
First ever photoshoot was a blast! Lots of crawling, twisting and handbalancing done on the beach in the sun at Point Pelee National Park. Photos taken by the talented Kristine Verbeek from K Design Studio.
Kevin Jans, Owner

(Facebook post) So fresh. Love this pic.
Simon A.S.


May 22, 2015
Paisley Dreamer – Business Card designs
All else looks good and thanks for the amazing job!!!
Kym Brundritt, Owner


June 22, 2015
AlexKazam Gymnastics Clinic – Photoshoot
Kristine Verbeek…She’s pretty damn good!
Rukia W., Athlete, Event Participant


June 22, 2015
JansFIT – Company Name + Logo Design
Thanks so much for helping me out with my logo and name. I knew it would work out well since you already knew me and could incorporate & understand personal traits into the logo. Your service is great! (design, info & turnaround). Thanks.
Kevin Jans, Owner JansFIT


June 25, 2015
ALS 50km Run Challenge – Logo, Poster, Website – DONATION WORK
When the dust settled and all the numbers were crunched we managed to raise an astounding $17,509.00! A number that tripled our initial and modest goal of $5000.00.

This is a note to say THANK YOU for your generous support of our efforts. Without your help this run wouldn’t, NO, couldn’t have happened and we’re forever in your debt.

So, THANKS again for your help.
Jamie Waldron, Kyle Wallace, Jay Thompson, Event Runners/Organizers


July 24, 2015
SanRemo Café & Bakery – Catering Menus

I think this is the best catering menu we’ve done to date!
Karolina, Project Manager


July 24, 2015
Website design johnofoods.com
Proudly presenting our new website http://johnofoods.com! Thanks for your tremendous, creative work Patty Meuser-Kristy and K Design’s Kristine Verbeek.
Brittany Catherine, Project Manager
This is so well done! I enjoyed everything from recipes making me hungry and history making me nostalgic….to videos! John’s personality shines through! Great!
Leslie Omstead
What a great presentation…good work!!!!
Marilyn Omstead


Nov 18, 2015
Lashes & Lipstick – Branding (Logo, signs, price card etc.)
You are a rockstar! Thank you so much for all your hard work especially considering the tight deadlines. You were an absolute pleasure and have really made the planning of my business less stressful knowing I can rely on you for the best content. You consistently met my expectations. You brought my vision to life and surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. I LOVE everything you have done and so fortunate to have you on my side… to many more!
Owner Lashes & Lipstick


Dec 10, 2015
AlexKazam Gymnastics – Branding & website www.alexkazamgymnastics.com
After meeting Kristine in LA, I knew K Design Studio was going to be the perfect fit for me. Starting off with some small projects, I was continually impressed by the quality and efficiency of her work. Most recently, Kristine took on the task of revamping my entire business website (www.alexkazamgymnastics.com). She was there every step of the way ensuring everything was progressing and I was happy with each piece. Always close by to respond to my urgent needs at a moment’s notice, I felt I had her consistent support.

During the process, Kristine inspired me on a personal level to pursue my business goals and pushed me to my limits of success. Having my new website now launched feels fantastic and I owe it all to Kristine’s fantastic work. She has inspired me to pursue my dreams and start my business going out with a BANG.
Alex MacInnis, Owner, National Gymnast & Coach


Dec 11, 2015
Ontario Volleyball/Basketball joint program – Hoops & Spikes Logo
Thanks again for all the work you have put into this, it is greatly appreciated! 😀
And OVA is very happy with the end product too.
Spencer Gibson, Coordinator Basketball Ontario


Dec 20, 2015
Stone Age – Over 500 Canadian Souvenir products, 36 page catalogue, website
The catalogue looks fantastic!!! We are thrilled. May 2016 bring us the same success as 2015. Great team work and unbelievable to think that this is catalogue #7!!! Thank you for all your creativeness.
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Jan 14-Feb 8, 2016
Stone Age – Canadian Souvenir product designs, Catalogue, CGTA Show
All the REPS sent emails congratulating us on a great catalogue and Wow’s to the New items.
Also receiving more emails from customers saying they have received and that we have great new stuff!!!
What a show – great response to all items and we sold every NEW hard good item and every NEW T shirt design – SUCCESS and ELATED to say the least.
Written orders were up 15% over last year!!!
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


March 9, 2016
Lashes & Lipstick – Branding
I get complimented on the logo constantly. People just love it! In fact I was telling a client about you earlier today! She asked where I found you and if you were local. I said you’re the best!! And I just LOVE what you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Owner Lashes & Lipstick


May 14, 2016
ALS 50km Event- DONATION of logo, poster, website
Just wanted to say thank you for all the work that went into the website. Its a thing of beauty. I’m glad for such tech savvy friends. So grateful you are on board and so talented.
Kyle Wallace, Ulta-Marathon Runner, ALS200km Organizer/Participant
I also wanted to thank you, from ALL of us, for all your hard work. When someone comes on out of the goodness of their hearts, we don’t take that lightly. You’ve become an integral part of this and we’d just like to acknowledge that. Kris, you’re a champ. Seriously.
Jamie Waldron, Ultra-Marathon Runner, ALS200km Organizer/Participant


May 19, 2016
ForceField Protective Headgear ™ – Press Kit
I can’t get over how lucky I am to be working with you on this project.
I hope you know how grateful I am because I know you are the perfect talent for Forcefield in Canada.
I keep getting impressed. I agree with everything you’ve said, starting with the product description through to your ideas on down the road stuff..hope we get to work together for a long time. You couldn’t make this any easier.
Gigi Baxter, Marketing Manager (Canada)


May 23, 2016
Sport-Glo – Branding, Website, Decal designs
Kris – We couldn’t have done it without your innovation, inspiration, hours of endless brainstorming and creative design! You create incredible branding and I’m so happy to have known you my whole life! Love that you’re sporting our shirts!
Becky Cowan, Owner


May 27, 2016
Corus Entertainment®/Nelvana Creative Services – Pattern illustrations, Ranger Rob
Thank you again very much for all your help. Thank you for your patience with us. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to work with you again soon!
Antonio Santiago JR, Project Coordinator/Graphic Designer


June 3, 2016
Forcefield Protective Headgear™ – Brochure Design
Your last minute tweaks were the best. The grass even looks real, like if you touched it, it would be soft. You are unbelievable.
Dr. Carl loves the brochure (his words) so much he would like you to redo his brochure, his packaging and be lead creative on everything in the United States. He’s also asked me to send the brochure to Europe in case they would like to use your services also.
Gigi Baxter, Marketing Manager (Canada)


July 14, 2016
ALS 50km Event- DONATION of logo, poster, website
Dear Kristine,
Thank you so much for helping the crazy cyclists with their awesome adventure. Your work is awesome. I can hardly wait to see if they come up with something next year!
Sharon Colman, A.L.S. Society of (Windsor) Essex County

July 2016- Kristine Verbeek- DREAMS COME TRUE Art Show – Carnegie Hall, Kingsville
I went to see your show. What a collection of creative energy!! Congratulations! It was all beautiful. (Patty Kristy)


You are amazing. I knew you were talented…now I have a heightened appreciation of just how talented!! What a wonderful gift. (Linda B.)


I first met you when you were doing drawings for Madeline Malott and her book – Simon, Peter and Polly. I read in the paper that you would be the featured artist at the Kingsville Cultural Center for July. What a wonderful surprise to see your outstanding art work and graphic abilities for such entities as Parks Canada, etc. You are truly blessed with a most exceptional talent.I know your parents must be very proud. I wish you well in the future. (Grace A.)


Just a quick note to let you know that you have definitely accomplished your desire to inspire! Keep smiling my friend!! (Cammie R.)


I am so happy to see you using your talent and you know I have always been a fan! (Ken McDonald)


You are so amazingly talented!! I love seeing your different projects. So inspiring! I love how you have followed your passion – in ALL that you do. (Ingrid B.)


You are soooooo talented!!! (John Kolar)


I came back again. Love your work, keep it up!:) And thank you again for the great advice. (Brianne T.)

Great job Ms Pocahontas!! We are so proud of you & you inspire us. Much love! (Mel & Seb)

Congratulations Kris, Great show! (Kyle)

Congratulations Kris! This is SO awesome. High fives & hugs
Awesome SISTA! (Kymmie B)

Just heard you say just now, “Don’t know where it is going to stop”. ANSWER: It may never stop! Great work. (Pam & Brian)

Great work Kris! We love it! (Vanessa & Jessica)

I love your dog pictures and art. Good job. Can you do an art of a Labrador retriever babies? (Athena L.)

Beautiful work! You’re so inspiring! Keep it up. (Jackie M.)

I LOVE your dolphins pictures. You’re AWESOME at art. (Saphira O. + Taylor)

Fantastic work Kris! My girls loved coming in to see it. So interesting to learn that you were the illustrator for Simon, Peter and Polly (my family’s book) Keep creating! (Kristy Juadischke (Malott)

Wonderful to see it all displayed in one place rather than here & there as it happens. Proud of your ‘Spot’ in Kingsville (Dad Verbeek)

Love it all Kris. Nice to see the evolution of your talent. Great display (Marie T.)

Kristine, your art is fantastic! (R. Lamen)

Well done Kris (Bob Lynch)

Lovely (Dawn K.)

Sawyer loves the eagle and says he hopes someday to paint like that. I love that you included your drawings from childhood so he (& everyone) could see the progression. You are so talented but also your perseverance to keep drawing is amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents! (Lindsey E.)

Thanks for being amazing! (Natalie C.)

The dolphin has a playful eye enticing me to play! (Lara)

Hard work pays off. Super impressive (Mike D)

You are amazing Kris. (Linda Lynch)

Awesome work, Kristine! Loved it all! (Bryn)

Wonderful work. Thank you for sharing. (Maggie Durocher)

Awesome to see your talent together in one place! And extra special to see Parks Canada places brought to life through your creativity. Super job! Love it!  (Erika T~ Brand Manager, Parks Canada)

We’re impressed! (Joan & Jerry Ogle)

Great exhibit Kristine, so proud to know you (Cathy)

Fabulous exhibit, so pleased I was able to see in person. Very inspirational for young artists. (Jennie Queen)

Amazing suceess you’ve had, Kris! So inspiring! (Jen M.)

I’ve been a friend for years and it is extraordinary to see how far you’ve come and the impressive breadth of work. Cheers! (Steve & Sara)

Impressed as always xoxox (Heather & Devynn)


Kris! You are such an amazing talented, free spirited woman. Keep flying baby! You are an inspiration 🙂 (Sheila R.)


What an impressive collection of inspiring work! Congrats to you for your talents (Tanya M.)


Thanks for sharing Kris! We enjoyed it all! (Linds, Stella & Ollie)


Very, very impressed!!! (Pat M.)


Thanks for the inside scoop. It was great to run into you during our visit, Kristine. All the best, forward! (Carl S., Winnipeg/Toronto)

Beautiful, wow, what a biography. I’m in LOVE with the dolphins! so real. (Nicole)

Kris, you totally amaze me! how wonderful your work is! (Lois T)


Aug 26, 2016
Sport-Glo – Portal Banner Stands
Kris – Not sure if you are still up or not but I just looked at the banners – so amazing!
Becky Cowan
Owner, Sport-Glo


September 1, 2016
NEW Dietitian website
SO excited that my website is now live!!
A huge thank you to Kristine Verbeek at K Design Studio for all of her hard work!
Nicole Korodetz, MScA. RD.


October 28, 2016
JansFIT Muscle Tanks
JansFIT swag coming in! Thanks to the talented Kristine Verbeek from K Design Studio for the great ideas and design work!
Kevin Jans, Owner JansFIT

Nov 18, 2016
Stone Age – Canadian Souvenir product designs, Catalogue, Website
Hi K. Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement and yes we have come a very long way since we met you and MOST grateful.
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Dec 5, 2016
AlexKazam Gymnastics new Logo
Your stuff is Pro and I appreciate it. Will be connecting soon about more stuff…car sticker, shirts, etc. You’re the best!
Alex MacInnis, Owner, AlexKazam Gymnastics


Dec 6, 2016
MS Society of Canada – Bike Program ReBranding & T-shirts
Thanks! Great job as always!
Carol Strauss, Manager, Marketing and Communications


Dec 6, 2016
Origins Naturopathic Retreat –New Branding
I am excited to share the news that my Kingsville practice is moving to our new home starting in January. Here is the first glimpse at the new logo for Origins Naturopathic Retreat. Thank you Kristine Verbeek for your designs. You really captured the essence of my vision.
Kelly Upcott-Siebert, Naturopath


Dec 7, 2016
ForceField – Headbands Sales Kit & Brochure
You are the best creative and marketing consultant we could hope for. Thank you for all the leads as well.
Gigi Baxter, Marketing Manager Forcefield Protective Headgear™ (Canada)


Jan 19, 2017
Ontario Basketball – Hoops & Spikes – Parent Guide
I love the Parent Guide – I think it’s great! I read through everything and I think that all of the language is perfect and that the colours and lay-out look great.
Bess Lennox, Coordinator


February 1, 2017
“WE are the SOUTH” Hoopin’ Around the Clock Basketball Fundraiser jerseys
Kristine – Thank you for contributing to our efforts. We love your design and have no doubt it will look great in action on the court.
Reid Innes, Manager HighRise Basketball


February 21, 2017
ALS 12hr Challenge Logo, Poster, Website – DONATION WORK
Looks amazing, as always!
Jamie Waldron, Event Runner/Organizer
Great, this looks nice! Will post to the world!
Jay Thompson, Event Runner
Beautiful as always!
Kyle Wallace, Event Runner


February 21, 2017
Parks/Parcs Canada  –  Battle of Restigouche, Signature Series Illustrations & Product Designs
Thanks Kris – love them too 🙂 They look fabulous!
Shruti Talwar, Cotton Candy, National Account Manager


Mar 21, 2017
Origins Naturopathic Retreat –New Branding, Website
Hi Kris
I love my website. It is exactly the look I was hoping for and I am very proud of it already.
Thank you so much for your hard work and understanding of my vision, on all fronts- from my logo to the website. Your work is now a constant part of me 🙂
Thank Trevor for his fast responses and hard work as well.
Kelly Upcott-Siebert, Naturopath


Mar 24, 2017
OnPoint Athletics/Beach Volleyball –Brand Assistance, Flyers
Hey Kristine! Hey so awesome!! Thank you for putting so much thought into everything. You are the best! I’m still in awe of how much work you did in such a short period of time! The whole experience has been amazing! Thanks for everything.
Darren O’Neil, Owner/Director


April 11, 2017
The Story of Kristine Verbeek & K Design Studio, Presentation to Kingsville Heritage Society
Thanks a million times over for your wonderful and informative program yesterday.
It was well received by the members of the Heritage Society.
All were impressed with your fine values and desire to give back to your community.
I wish you much continued success in your art and creative profession.
Grace Austin, Member KHS


April 12, 2017
South Surf –Website Logo revisions, Website teaser page
Our exciting new website is coming soon!! Cannot thank K Design Studio enough for their innovative, creative and over all RAD designs! Looking forward to an amazing season.
Sheila Rodger, Owner


April 16, 2017
OnPoint Athletics/Beach Volleyball –Social Media
Have I mentioned how awesome you are lately?!?!!!!
Darren O’Neil, Owner/Director


April 20, 2017
Origins Naturopathic Retreat –New Branding, Website
I really enjoy working with you and I know your vision and my vision are cohesive. The work you have done so far as been beyond my expectations. I am so happy the entire process. Thanks for everything, Kelly
Kelly Upcott-Siebert, Naturopath


April 20, 2017
Presentation & “Kristine Verbeek” Life Story to Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society
I want to share with you the remarks about your presentation at the April meeting as published in the Heritage Society newsletter.
“ If you weren’t able to be at our April meeting, you really missed out! Our Guest Speaker, Kristine Verbeek, bowled us over with her energy, enthusiasm and promotion of graphic arts as a career. She is truly a wonderful mentor to young people considering this as a career option”.

Such wonderful and encouraging words about you and your presentation.
Grace Austin


May 24, 2017
IceDogs Hockey Logo – USA Client
Thank you so much for sending the files. I definitely received them just fine. More importantly though thank you for your work on this…..I really, really appreciate it and we are SO excited about the final product. It is perfect!


June 14, 2017
South Surf Website
Every thing in my life has led up to this moment… a big thank you to Kristine Verbeek from K Design Studio for her creative approach and passion for her craft. She designed the rad-est website www.southsurf.ca which is now LIVE!! Also thanks a million to programmer Trevor in helping making my dreams come true too! You did a superb job. Check it out, tell your friends, come for a paddle and most importantly DO RAD STUFF!!

Sheila, South Surf


June 15, 2017
South Surf Website
Gorgeous site Sheila & Kristine!! Visually peaceful and inspiring all at once- captures the essence, energy, and zen of SUP. Love that you also emphasize safety, certification and the gentle, ageless side of SUP!!
Shannon, South Surfer


August 7, 2017
Farm Dog Cycles – Cartoon Bike Illustration
We’ve been working with the fabulous K Design Studio this summer plotting out new Self-Guided packages. We love our beautiful little new Farm Dog bike Kris created for us…the wobbly wheel rides on!
Meg Balsillie, Owner


Sept 19, 2017
Ontario Volleyball Rebrand
The OVA would like to thank Kristine Verbeek of K Design Studio, Fred Koops of Overkill/CanuckStuff and Jessica Braun for their roles in developing the new brand and creating the logos. Their tremendous design talents and thorough understanding and appreciation for volleyball in Ontario have helped to shape the OVA brand for years to come.
Jason Jackson, Marketing & Project Manager


Oct 3, 2017
Oasis Yoga Photoshoot
First….OMGODDESS. They are fantastic. Thank you!
Much love and hugs!
Dianna, Owner


Oct 4, 2017
Share the Road Icon Illustration
Thanks again Kristine for helping us make this region more bike-friendly!
Tom Omstead, Program Director


Oct 16, 2017
Kingsville Historical Coin Illustration- Colonel King Coin #2
What a great experience in working with some very dedicated and amazing talent to help capture local history and honour our community’s volunteers.
Mayor Nelson Santos


Nov 7, 2017
Forcefield Protective Headgear™ – Photoshoot/Editing Product Images, Packaging Edits
You assume everything correctly and make my life so easy. Thank you.
I agree with all your suggestions and incorporated them.
When I grow up I want to be your assistant. 🙂
Gigi Baxter, Marketing Manager (Canada)


Dec 7, 2017
South County Club Volleyball – Website Analysis/Quote
You are so awesome!
I just love the way you think and do things! Everything you did is awesome and it all makes sense.
Talk soon!
Jay, Coach/Board Member


Dec 8, 2017
HighRise Basketball – Branding Updates
Awesome! Thank you. You have been tremendous in helping us through this process, going well beyond the work you originally quoted to do. You’re the best!
Reid Innes, Owner


Dec 23, 2017
Stone Age – 2017 – Full year of Canadian Souvenir Product designs, Catalogue, Logo updates, Advertisements, Sell sheets, Website banners
After a million emails, discussions, texts, meetings, we pulled it ALL together. Thank you for being such a HUGE FORCE, presence and energy. Your creativeness put a smile on many visitors and you are now in COUNTLESS homes across the world! How cool is that? 2017 ROCKED!
Beverly K., Owner


Jan 3, 2018
HighRise Basketball – Hoopin Around the Clock – Branding, T-shirts, Invites
Thank you K Design Studio for all your support and contributions in preparation for Hoopin’ Around The Clock 2018. Kris has been tremendous to work with and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her insight, efforts, and support. We look forward to further opportunities to work together moving forward.
Jan 25, 2018
Thank you again for all of your help bringing our collection of random ideas into a more unified branding vision. You went above and beyond to help us navigate a situation we didn’t even realize existed and allowed us to back to our main purpose and goal, giving back and strengthening our community.
Reid Innes, Owner


Jan 29, 2018
Origins Naturopathic Retreat – New Website
Hi Kristine
Thanks for the call and check in. I had an epic year and my business is booming. I get so many compliments on my website and I know that has played a big role in my success.
Kelly Upcott-Siebert, Naturopath


Feb 12, 2018
Old Dutch Guys Chocolate – Facebook/Social Media set up, Website, Branding
12hrs of posting new Facebook site- 136 Followers and 138 Likes on posts.
10hrs of posting Valentine’s truffle Draw- reached 2199 people, and 85 shares

Ps. hug and kiss (X&O) in box
Dozen (truffle) roses in chocolate
You’re doing great job
So glad you’re here
We love you
Christine, Store Assistant


Mar 19, 2018
Farm Dog Cycles – Coupons, Map Kit
Dear Kris, Thanks for your patience, encouragement, enthusiasm and your MAD SKILLS! We are so happy with our finished products to further adventures!
xo The Farm Dogs


Mar 2, 2018
OnPoint Beach Volleyball – Banners, Sign, Flyers
Too many good ones. Can you please make some crappy ones to make the decision easier. Just kidding. They look amazing! Thank you for your hard work.
Darren O’Neil, Owner/Director


Mar 14, 2018
Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance – Website
This is amazing Kris!! Great work!!
Ian Murray, Committee Member, Website leader

omg Kristine!! Looks great!!
Gloria Cavenago, Team Leader Communications


Mar 19, 2018
Essa & District Agricultural Society – Barrie Fair 165th Logo
You made a big impact, and everyone is thrilled with the process to allow them a chance to develop something unique for the fair.
I will definitely continue to be in touch, great work from you, much appreciated.
Ryan Johnson, Business Manager


Mar 26, 2018
South County Bandits Volleyball – Logo Design
You are so cool.
It’s not even fair lol.
Share some coolness and talent with the rest of us!
Drew Foster, Technical Director/Board of Director

Thanks Kris!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help us get this new logo completed. You are amazing and I’m stoked about seeing this new logo on our jerseys and other swag next season!
Jason Antonelli, Coach/Board of Director


April 5, 2018
Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance – Website
Looks amazing!! Thanks Kristine, Trevor and Bruce for getting it ready for this weekend!! I am amazed at how much detail and care goes into creating a web site!!! Great job everyone!! Myself and Ian, on behalf of the NCA commend the job you did and appreciate all the little extras!
Gloria Cavenago, Team Lead Communications / Council


April 27, 2018
HighRise Basketball – Hoopin’ Around the Clock Design Donations
Dear Friend,
On behalf of HighRise Basketball, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contribution in support of our 3rd Annual Hoopin Around the Clock Event. We were able to once again build on previous success and this would not have been possible without the tremendous continued interest and support we received from you…We hosted 775+ players, representing 77 teams, groups and organizations from across Southwestern Ontario…
Most importantantly, in addition to bringing the community together, we were able to raise $31,500. This year’s funds will be used to help support five groups and their efforts to support our community.
Reid Innes, Owner


June 2, 2018
OnPoint Beach Volleyball – Logo update, Merchandise designs, Videography for Josh Binstock Clinic
Looks soooo freaking good!! Thank you for all of your hard work.
Darren O’Neil, Owner/Director


June 13, 2018
LinkedIn Recommendation – Branding, Product Design
An excellent person to contact if you are looking at re-branding, or branding a new product. Kristine has a natural talent to create winning logos and designs.
Brian Townsend


June 13, 2018
Point Pelee National Park – 41 Species Card Illustrations
The coyote is gorgeous! I love it! I don’t see anything I would change.
Andrew Laforet


July 5, 2018
Dutch Boys Chocolate – ALL NEW Branding, Social Media, Website
Thanks a Mill.
Cor Boon, Owner


Aug 7, 2018
Ontario Volleyball Rebrand – Applied to website
Hey Kris – Thanks for the feedback, great to hear! I’m glad we did the rebrand before the new site, it definitely gives it an extra wow factor.
Jason Jackson, Marketing & Project Manager


Aug 2018
South County Bandits Volleyball Club – Website SCbandits.ca
Excellent work with the website and everything in general! (Jeff Miller)


Site looks and feels professional. Good Job! (Doug)


Looks awesome as does the website!!
Great job!! (Jody Leboeuf)


The whole website layout is fantastic! It is clutter free, colourful, clear, and attractive! Well done Kristine. This is going to be an exciting year for everyone! (Stephanie Wilson)


It’s f’ing awesome.. Sorry for the f bomb. Great job (Ron M.)


Sept 3, 2018
LinkedIn Recommendation – Thrive Live Blood Microscopy – Logo
In the past, I had almost always been disappointed with the process and products of graphic designers that I had worked with, to the point that I taught myself some basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills and just started doing it myself. I should add that I am VERY particular. However, when I started my own business I realized that I didn’t have the objectivity or the brain space to create my own logo, AND I thought that my concept would be difficult to represent visually, PLUS I wanted it to be super amazing. That was a tall order, but I got all of it and more with Kristine at K Design Studio. My experience was amazing from beginning to end:

Step 1: We met up to for an initial brainstorming session. Kristine asked a lot of great questions about the details of my business (practical and emotional), which really got me thinking, and ultimately helped me with my business plan in addition to the logo design process. She showed me examples of some of her logos, and gave me pointers to find logo inspiration online, as well as some resources for other aspects of my business.

Step 2: Kristine compiled my answers with the inspirational images that I had collected, and came up with Round 1, which totalled 22 different logo ideas!

Step 3: After I had given my feedback on the logo ideas, Kristine compiled Round 2: 15 variations of the design concepts that I had gravitated toward in Round 1.

Step 4: After I had spent some time mulling over Round 2, we met up at Kristine’s office. We played with colours from her Pantone book and I got to fuss over the spacing of minute details like the dot over the “i”. Being able to come to her office super expedited the process, and it allowed us to combine Kristine’s expertise with my need for control.

Step 5: I have my logo! Shortly after our meeting Kristine sent me a vector file of at least 10 versions of my final logo (horizontal, vertical, 1 colour, 3 colour, 5 colour, light background, dark background etc.), including the font and Pantone information. Kristine sent me off with expert advice on how to manage my own printing (I wish I could outsource all design work to her), and assured me of her continued support should I need her help with anything.

Kristine employs a great balance of creativity and professionalism. I am very impressed with her process and my final logo design. Every time I look at my beautiful logo, I get happy!
Carly Erber, Owner


Sept 4, 2018
South County Bandits Volleyball Club – Website Redesign SCbandits.ca
Thanks to K Design Studio, I truly believe that we have the best website out of any volleyball club in our province. It is going to be a great resource for our members.
Drew Foster, Technical Director/Board of Director


Oct 2, 2018
Framing Edge – Branding
(Branding) I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the new logo! You’ve done a wonderful job. Thank you so very much! All the colours and fonts work so well together.
Nov 21, 2018
Thank you so much, Kristine! With your crisp, striking designs, you’ve helped to make our store look amazing! (yes, we have customers saying so!)
Framing Edge – Signs
So relieved that the new store signs are up. Our old customers are finding us and new customers are coming in! The sign is very clear from the road, both day and night. You did such an awesome job!
We’re super thrilled. Thank you so much.

Debbie Martin, Owner


Oct 3, 2018
R & R Staging – Branding, Stationery Concepts
We are getting SOOO excited!
Roxane Graham, C.E.O.


Oct 8, 2018
Green Yoga – Photography
Thanks again for all these wonderful pictures! Love them so much.
Melanie Jones, Owner Green Yoga


Oct 10, 2018
Ontario Basketball Association – Hoops & Spikes logo, Brochure & Coach Drill Book
You did an amazing job on all our program and curriculum, including the brochures and logo!
Thank you very much for all your help.
Marlon Piedrahita, Coordinator, Community Development


Nov 15, 2018
Enfield Wood Lawyers LLP – Website, Stationery designs
The website looks amazing. Thank you so much for everything … its been such a pleasure working with you.
Carm Naccarato, Law Clerk


Nov 30, 2018
HARDGEAR® – Logo update
You sent a great file… You hit it right on the mark! Thank you.
Derrick Hillyard, Owner


Nov 30, 2018
Stone Age – Catalogue
You have achieved EXACTLY what I wanted and that was to have the catalogue finished today. YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB -THANKS!!! And appreciate all your efforts to get this done in the time line.
Beverly Korodetz, Owner


Dec 19, 2018
Point Pelee National Park – 41 Specie Education Illustrations
It’s gorgeous!! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this, Kristine!!
You have been an absolute pleasure to work with =)


Dec 20, 2018
OnPoint Athletics/Beach Volleyball –Beach Blast/Josh Binstock Camp Poster
Looks great as always!
You are the best
Darren O’Neil, Owner/Director


Feb 11, 2019
Kingsville Tall Ships Festival 2019 – Logo
Everyone so far has loved the logo 🙂
Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs – Parks and Recreation Department Kingsville
Thank you Kristine! Love. Love. The logo.
Natalie Cobby, Tourism Manager – Town of Kingsville


Feb 12, 2019
Thrive Live Blood Microscopy – New Branding
Good morning! I’m just sitting here looking at my logo, thinking about how much I love it how inspiring the process was, and what a great investment in my business😘
Carly Erber, Owner – Thrive Live Blood Microscopy


Feb 15, 2019
This is Yumbo – Apron Design for Cooking Social Videos
Thanks again for ally your help, we really couldn’t have done this without you!
Monica Simpson


Mar 3, 2019
“Cycling in Essex County” Map Icons
Thanks for improving and redesigning these concepts for us! They look amazing Kris. These icons are going to really help take cycling in Essex County to the next level, by making the most comfortable places to bike more easily found. They’re ICONIC!
Tom Omstead, Share the Road – Essex County Committee, Author of “Cycling in Essex County”


Mar 5, 2019
Beach Volleyball Flyer for Byne’s Digs
Thank you so much.
The flyers look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Brad Byne, Owner


Mar 27, 2019
Pelee Wings – 30th Anniversary Logo
Thank-you Kristine for designing the catchy logos for Pelee Wings Paddlesports, for my Mexico biz – Hiddden Voyages Ecotours, and the latest – the 30th Anniversary banner and logo for our emails, advertising and in-store signage. All the best!
Mike & Joan, Owners


Apr 1, 2019
Estate of Health – New Branding
Absolutely LOVE IT!!! This is so exciting. Yes!
Thank you so much for all your work on this, Kristine. Beautiful.
Jordan Scott, Director


Apr 3, 2019
Kingsville Tall Ships Festival® 2019 – Flyers & Stickers
So awesome. You are a genius.
I would recommend you in a minute to anyone.
Thanks for (pardon the pun) being on board.
Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs – Parks and Recreation Department Kingsville


Apr 24, 2019
Fit Riders – Handle Bar Hanger Ads
The hangers look amazing. I personally love them. As expected you did an amazing job.
Karl, Co-Founder Fit Riders Inc.


May 27, 2019
Tall Ships® Logo – Art Inspiration
Hi Kristine! You inspired me! I was brainstorming ‘what kingsville means to me’ for the banner contest. I was inspired by your tall ships logo/sticker, I have one on my phone. I hope you approve!
(Link to see her Art)
Carolyn Hardy, Surreal Artist


July 9, 2019
Kingsville Brewery – New Website
Good morning Kristine. I personally wanted to extend a sincere thank you on the hard work and details you and your team have put behind this. It looks great… Thanks again. Very impressed.
Paul Sguigna, President


Sept 19, 2019
Kingsville Migration Festival 2019 – Logo Design
The Kingsville Migration Fest Committee is please to unveil the new Migration Fest Logo in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Migration Festival. Thanks so much Kristine Verbeek and K Design Studio for their wonderful work.
Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs – Parks and Recreation Department Kingsville


Sept 30, 2019
New Wave Volleyball Training – New Branding
I have gotten so many compliments about the logo, thanks again so much for all of your work! I appreciate all the extra work you put in!
Matt Krueger, UBC Men’s Volleyball Assistant Coach, Owner New Wave Volleyball


Nov 11, 2019
Estate of Health – Website
Our website is live!! Curious about our services? Want to see our amazing team, classes & offerings? Check out our beautiful new website www.estateofhealth.ca
Thank you Kris Verbeek from K Design Studio for all your hard work to make this site a success!
Jordan Scott, Owner


Nov 12, 2019
Volleyball Stuff – New Branding
Our logo is FANTASTIC. The staff and customers who have seen it are excited. Volleyball Canada also said that it was nice!
Sanjiv Jasra, Owner


Dec 4, 2019
Town of Kingsville – Tall Ships®, Migration Festival, Canada Day 2019 Logos & Advertising elements
You did tremendous work for us, and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. You made our work jump out and catch attention which is what we wanted. In addition you are extremely professional and easy to work with
Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs – Parks and Recreation Department Kingsville


Dec 31, 2019
Supply Chain Systems – Website SupplyChainSystems.com
Yet again, you did another great job for us! We appreciate the effort and expertise you have once again brought. Our website would not have ended up as good without you on the job.
Bill Simpson, President


Jan 8, 2020
Supply Chain Systems – Website SupplyChainSystems.com
The website looks AMAZING!
Thank you Kristine and Trevor. You guys have been awesome through out the process.
Great working with you.
Vivek Sharma, Senior Consultant


Feb 26, 2020
HighRise Basketball – Hoopin’ Around the Clock Design Donations
Thank you for all that you’ve done over the years to support our efforts. Your talent and guidance helped us elevate our branding. This has most certainly helped us better establish ourselves in the community and this event has benefited as a result.
Reid Innes, Owner & Event Director


Apr 27, 2020
Learning Disability Association – Rack Card Design
I am blown away!
Andrea Miller, Employment Services Coordinator – Windsor-Essex


June 17, 2020
Point Pelee National Park – 3 Interpretive Panel Educational Signs for NorthWest Beach
Wow, you are a magician! That looks awesome!
Everything looks perfect =) Thanks again for all your hard work on this. I’ll be sure to let you know when everything goes to print and installation so you can check it out!
Andrew Laforet, Project Manager


July 29-Aug 11, 2020
Estate of Health – Coupon designs with Watercolour Art affects
Love your ideas! Omg I love the swirly landscape and sneak peak into the spa! So beautiful!

Yes, the latest version is perfect. We are good to go!!
Thank you for all your helpful tips and beautifully artful skills.
Jordan Scott, Owner


July 31, 2020
VolleyballStuff – Jersey Designs
You killed it. Fantastic work.
Sanjiv Jasra, Owner


Aug 17, 2020
Parks Canada – Custom Illustrations & Product Development
Although our work together was short, I truly enjoyed working with you!
Keep your beautiful energy and fantastic creativity!
Looking forward to working together again one day 🙂
Enrika Levasseur, Outreach and Marketing Branch


Aug 31, 2020
Langley Lightening Athletics LES – Sublimation Uniforms (All Teams), School Spirit Wear
We are very happy with the designs and were a much easier sell for those that are on the fence. Both Kuehl and I love them. Cheers!
Jon Mayan, Athletic Director, Rec Leadership and Physical Education


Sept 2, 2020
Estate of Health – TESTIMONIAL – Branding, Website & more
I’ve known Kristine Verbeek personally and professionally for several years, and I cannot praise her enough! Working with Kristine has truly elevated my business to the next level. I’ve hired her to create my logo, my website design and several promotional materials and she has always excelled! She is very responsive, hard working and incredibly creative. Her design work is great, and her stream of ideas has inspired so much positive growth for me and my business. She goes beyond what you would expect from a Graphic Designer, and her pricing is very modest. I am so fortunate to know her and to have had the pleasure of working with her!
Jordan Scott, Owner


Sept 8, 2020
RnR Staging – Website
Looks amazing! We love it. The project management skills between you and Ryan was the key to this getting this done, with a fantastic outcome! It was well worth the time and effort. Thank you!
Derrick Dymond, Owner


Sept 18, 2020
Langley Lightening Athletics LES – Sublimation Uniforms (All Teams), School Spirit Wear
Thanks again Kristine!
It was a real pleasure to go through this process with you.
I felt that you were able to understand what we asked for and represent it well in your designs.
So pumped to see our kids in the new uniforms!
Jon Kuehl, HKin, BEd, Middle School Athletic Director


Oct 19, 2020
Erie Shores Dentistry – Tim Horton’s Drive-thru Sign
Thank you! You were wonderful to work with again.
Laurie V., Office Manager


Nov 6, 2020
Creative Marketing Synergy – LinkedIn Testimonial
Kristine is the most talented artist I have worked with for over 30 years in the business. Her talent in freehand drawing and in various mediums brings life to her digital work. Never have I been let down, her professionalism to meet every deadline, always delivering more than expected, and her eye for detail is admirable. She has the talent to lead Disney in design and creativity but enjoys the independence of working for herself. She is pursued by many. On every big project I work on, I always say, “I have the perfect and incredibly talented person in mind that has to be on this or I am not doing it.
Karl Tettmann, CEO


Nov 28, 2020
“The School of Seduction” – Book Cover
Received both documents and as pleased as punch with your work.
My only regret is not having met you in person.
Will keep you posted on my adventure with publishers.
Kristine, you are the best!
Thanks for everything.
Anthony Tenore, Author


Nov 29, 2020
Two Fourteen AirBnB – Logo
With the help of K Design Studio some thoughts came to materialize through several drafts, changes and revisions in creating this logo for my Air Bnb. I’m very pleased with the final results, and am excited to make a sign for out front. Thanks Kristine Verbeek for making this happen!
Joe Gevaert, Owner


Dec 11, 2020
Paglione Estate Winery – Website & Ecommerce Enhancements
Thanks Kris, and thanks for all your help! We couldn’t have done it without you and Trevor!
Sandra Paglione, Owner


Jan 26, 2021
Learning Disabilities Association Windsor-Essex – New Rack Cards
They turned out great, I am sooooo happy!
Andrea Miller, Employment Services Coordinator


Feb 22, 2021
LubDub – Branding
Fabulous! Thank you so much! I am thrilled with the final concepts.
Luz Alvizurez, Owner


April 9, 2021
Pelee Wings Nature Store – Branding
Thank you for the great work. Talk soon.
Butch Demers, Owner


May 10, 2021
Healthcare Compass Podcast – Logo
Amazing, you are so good!!
Absolutely love!! Thank you so much, it feels like I can see it totally come to life with this logo style. Great work!
Jessie Jasra, Owner


May 12, 2021
Beach House Grill – Menus
I just want to say I love love it !!!! I cannot wait to see it live in my hands you did an amazing job I can’t thank you enough.
Patty Bosco, Owner


May 24, 2021
LubDub – Website Design
Woohooo!! Thanks for your help, Kris. You’re absolutely AMAZING. So much of why the website is going to be so great is because of your help. Thank YOU so so so much.
Luz Alvizurez, Owner


April 2, 2021
Scarlet Knights Volleyball Club- Referral
In all my years, I’ve found it’s hard to find people in the artwork world that are fair priced, fair minded, organized, good communicators, and also a good artist. You check off all the boxes and are very rare.
Jason Marchant, Manager


Oct 1, 2021
ACH Pediatric Neurology – Cute Baby Brain Logo for Apparel
We are so excited!! You are so talented!
Alison Marshall


Oct 4, 2021
Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec – Program Poster & Bookmarks
Kris, It has been so fun to work with you on this project! The design is amazing and it looks fantastic printed. I hope we can work together again in the future – you’ve given me so many ideas! I’m cheering you on as you continue to create beautiful work for all your clients!
Tanya Yuen, Children and Family Ministries Associate


Oct 5, 2021
Volleyball Centres – Logo Series – all Locations
Thanks Kristine.
We are very happy.
Daniel Shermer, Owner


Oct 20, 2021
Red Deer NICU Hospital Unit – Logo for Apparel
Oh my gosh they’re so cute!! We are obsessed you did a great job!
Red Deer NICU Customer


Oct 23, 2021
Oakville Thunder Volleyball Club – Logos for Apparel
These all look amazing. I actually love them all.
Kim McDonald, Operations Manager


Nov 1, 2021
The School of Seduction – Book Cover
You’re awesome. You’re a 10. I’m getting compliments on your book cover design from all over the world!
Paul Cassano, Author


Nov 3, 2021
Scorpions Volleyball Club – New Team Logo
SO AMAZING!!! Love the designs!
These are totally amazing! I showed these choices to the boys last night…
They’re really looking forward to having the logo on some swag and temporary tattoos. 

To be honest I can’t possibly choose between any of them – they are fantastic!!  You are so talented!  
Kris, your talent is unmatched! I’m so glad you went out on your own all those years ago! So proud of you and to call you a dear friend!
Ariel Castromayor, Coach


Jan 28, 2022
OnPoint Beach Volleyball – Website
It looks amazing. Like soooooo good. Thank you so much.
SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUT OUT: A huge thank you to Kris and her KDesignStudio team for making this all happen. Thank you for seeing our vision and making it come to life so we can share the OnPoint experience with everyone from anywhere!
Darren O’Neil, Owner


Feb 10, 2022
Toronto Zoo – 2022 Year of the Tiger Logo
Got to tell you, everyone loves the logo.
Erika L., Manager, Retail & Membership Sales


April 1, 2022
Town of Kingsville – Branding- Showcasing logos implemented all over town
A great journey and even better story-telling around the great history and heritage to help reflect the brand we love.
Thank you Kristine for your incredible spirit and drive. Collectively we see just how much we can grow and shape successes with positive energy.
Mayor Nelson Santos


April 14, 2022
County of Essex – Accessibility Flag
I appreciate all the work you did on this! The feedback on the designs was very positive in general.
Katherine Hebert Dipl.M.A. | Deputy Clerk


July 11, 2022
Town of Kingsville – Walkways of Sacred Teachings
Thank you to a good friend Kristine Verbeek of K Design Studio for always answering my calls. You bring great energy and desire to seeing great things here in Kingsville.
Mayor Nelson Santos


Aug 26, 2022
Belleville Ravens Volleyball Club – Logo & Club Apparel
We both love the logo and it is exciting to see it come to life on the clothing.
Cathy Bradley


Sept 19, 2022
vbs apparel – BC Winter Games Apparel
Amazing!! Thanks so much Kris!!
Appreciate all of your help. Always a lot of fun working on these projects with you 🙂
Carolina Alongi


Oct 26, 2022
Windsor Parade Corp. – 3 cities | Parade Social Ads, Maps, Posters | Digital Santa Scavenger Hunt assets
Looks great and like fun, I love it.
Thank you to everyone, especially K Design Studio for making this possible.
Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs


Dec 9, 2022
Hoopin’ Around the Clock – Event Apparel
Thank you again for your tremendous support of our efforts and event. We appreciate all that you’ve done to help us reach this point and look forward to continuing down this path together in the future.
Reid Innes, Manager HighRise Basketball


Jan 6, 2023
Town of Kingsville – Historical Coins
Thank you Kristine for always bringing your A-game each and every time we turned an idea into a memorable story.
If there is anything worth bringing together, it is the people of the community and the history from the community.
Mayor Nelson Santos


Dec 2023
vbs apparel – Holiday Card
Kris!! Thank you for another incredible year! It has been amazing getting to work on so many fun projects and designs with you.
Carolina & the vbs apparel Team