Flipping the Coin

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New Coin for Town of Kingsville

The Town of Kingsville wanted to honour the volunteers of their community with something a little more unique for 2014. At the awards banquet, each recipient was gifted with this surprise, a new municipal coin designed by Kristine Verbeek of K Design Studio. She worked closely with Mayor Nelson Santos to decide on the elements for this coin- first of it’s kind!

On the front is a modified version of the new Kingsville logo (also designed + illustrated by Kristine Verbeek in 2013) with the iconic sailboat, birds and waves. On the flip side she created a circular version of the existing Jack Minor Bird Sanctuary logo (one of Kingsville’s most famous historical locations).

We decided on an antiqued bronze finish to give it an older, more classic + authentic look. Final coins are quite large + heavier than the everyday coin, at 2″ wide. This will hopefully be the first of many future coins, to continue to honour Kingsville’s rich + interesting history.

Kristine gives thanks to Mayor Nelson Santos and the Kingsville Board members for honouring her with this project.
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New Kingsville Coin

Original Art

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all the volunteers!

Picture by Brittany Erwin

Other finishes considered

Gift Received
Kristine receives her own Kingsville Coin from Mayor Nelson.


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