Hoopin Around the Clock

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HighRise Basketball- Hoopin Around the Clock 2018-2023 Events

K Design Studio has been proud to donate and creatively support HighRise Basketball and Reid Innes with his Hoopin’ Around the Clock events for 5 years. This is a 24hr friendly fundraiser, where basketball teams play for an hour, then are swapped out by 2 new teams..for 24hrs straight, with 48 different teams participating. It has become an huge annual fundraiser earning anywhere from $10,000 – $40,000 for different local charities each year. Through the years we have helped Reid create fresh branding, invites and t-shirts which have helped the event gather more attention, supporters and players. Below are a selection of some of the fun graphics we donated to the event.

For more event info, to donate, or sign up a team in future, follow Highrise Basketball’s social media and website: https://www.highrisebball.com/hoopin-around-the-clock

Old + New logos


Event Invite


Event Pics

Kudos notes

Reid Innes, Owner, HighRise Basketball:

Thank you K Design Studio for all your support and contributions in preparation for Hoopin’ Around The Clock. Kris has been tremendous to work with and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her insight, efforts, and support. We look forward to further opportunities to work together moving forward.

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