Interpretive Signs for Parks Canada

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Signs for Point Pelee & HMCS Haida
We love working for Parks Canada! Interpretive panels (educational signs) can be extra challenging to capture:
– Concise educational information
– Eye-catching graphics
– Adhere to Parks Canada branding & size specs
– Multiple languages
– Ensure all is easily legible
– Use sun-fading resistant inks & UV protection
Here are 2 series of interpretive panels K Design created for Point Pelee National Park & HMCS Haida National Historic Park.

Point Pelee National ParK | Southwest Beach | Savannah Restoration Project

These BRAND NEW Interpretive Panels have finally been installed overlooking the Northwest Beach. K Design Studio worked along side Andrew Laforet & the Point Pelee National Park staff in 2020 to design these 3 panels.
Sign #1 (bottom left) is an interesting look at the history of the use of NW beach through the years, with photos showing the 1000s of Americans and locals that used to come weekly to the beaches.
Sign #2 (bottom right) shows the amount of area that is being restored from that damage
Sign #3 (top long sign) teaches about the delicate ecosystem of the Savanna, and the species (some endangered) which need this unique type of landscape to survive, and the progress they are hoping to achieve.
Very fascinating!
It took some careful planning, budget limits and the right season to work around the endangered species habitat and mating season to get the new boardwalk structure in place. Great job to Rick & Vic and Derek of Point Pelee to plan & build the wooden structure, and Ray & Max for the installation of our new signs, and Drew for coordinating Code Compliance. It takes a team!

For quickest access, park in the Sanctuary Parking Lot (just before the NW Beach Parking lot) then hike south along the bike trail. You will come across the new wooden lookout platform extending west with views of the lake.


HMCS Haida National Historic Park | Gun & Torpedos Educational Signs

We worked with Maegan MacDonald from the Parks Canada Southwestern Ontario Field Unit to refresh the 5 Gun & Torpedos interpretive panel designs for the HMCS Haida historic war ship in Hamilton. The branded series needed detailed summaries, charts & illustrated projections of the distances and location of each gun on the ship.

It was interesting to learn the shooting range of the guns were very different. They ranged from 274m to 17.7km. The Twin 3″ 40 Calibre Anti-aircraft guns took 16 crew to operate it!


Client Comments

Adnrew Laforet, Interpretation Coordinator & Project Manager

Everything looks great to me! Thanks so much for your excellent work, Kristine =)

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