Toronto Zoo Twin Panda Love!

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3rd Illustration for Toronto Zoo Baby Pandas!

Our first 2 merchandise lines for the Toronto Zoo baby pandas have almost sold out! We were excited to get the call, and meet with Toronto Zoo Store Managers to present the 3rd booking of custom illustrations for the Toronto Zoo Panda Twins. There were concerns if both Pandas would survive, as twin births are very risky, so the first 2 product lines were created with 1 baby Panda only. But now that both are healthy and doing well, they wanted to showcase both cubs. Kristine Verbeek created concepts with a variety of different illustration styles and layouts, and below was the chosen one. They went with a more realistic styling of the Pandas hugging, which Kristine created in reference to an actual photo of them.


This CUTE Panda merchandise and these fun fuzzy toddlers will be around until March 2018. After that they are off to Calgary Zoo!
Thank you to Toronto Zoo for this wonderful creative opportunity!


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Manufacturing and Distrubution by Stone Age.

Illustration by Kristine Verbeek

© 2017 Kristine Verbeek / Stone Age. All Rights Reserved.


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