Santa Digital Scavenger Hunt & Parades

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Windsor Parade Corporation – Santa Digital Scavenger Hunt & Parade Graphics

After completing the new branding for Windsor Parade Corporation, Maggie Durocher asked K Design Studio to help provide graphics for their upcoming Christmas events.
More design fun..we said YES!

Our projects included:
New logo for “Find the Magic of Christmas”
All Digital Assets for their new Santa online Scavenger Hunt (Digital Pass)
Posters for all the hunt locations
Signage for the new FanZones at all 3 Parades (Windsor, Essex, Amhurstburg)
New Parade Maps
Ads (online, magazine & social media) for all parades and events
Website updates– Redesign areas of their new site
Communications with the Windsor Parade committee, TWEPI and Bandwango digital pass teams

Thank you to Maggie and the Windsor Parade committee for these AWESOME projects and guiding us through all the steps! It’s truly incredible all the events, details and amount of joy your events have brought the communities!

Follow their website and social media for all their upcoming events in 2023: Windsor Parade Corporation Website


Santa Digital Scavenger Hunt – A few fav graphics from the collection

Santa Parades – A few fav graphics


Client Comments

Maggie Durocher, Windsor Parade Corp.

Looks great and like fun, I love it. As always your work is amazing, I would recommend you ten times over. Such a professional. Thank you so much for all you did for us, it was tremendous.

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