3rd Coin for Kingsville

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Third Historical Coin for Town of Kingsville
Every 3 years, the Town of Kingsville honours their long-time community volunteers with a unique custom-made and locally designed coin, presented by Mayor Nelson Santos. K Design Studio, and illustrator Kristine Verbeek designed all 3 of the original coins. The presentation of our 2020 coin was delayed until 2022, after 2 years of Covid.
Kristine worked closely with Mayor Nelson Santos and Mayor’s assistant Tara Hewitt to create all 3 coins.
On the front of this 2020 coin is a modified version of the Kingsville logo with the iconic double image of sailboat, birds and waves. On the flip side, features a founding father, industry creator, master builder and distiller, Hiram Walker. No single individual had more of an economic or social impact upon the development of Kingsville, and surrounding areas during the 19th century, than this whiskey magnate. He is featured along with his famous Mettawas Hotel.
The coins are 2″ wide, with antiqued bronzed finish. The series honours Kingsville’s rich and fascinating history. A website page was created to explain the story, and history behind each coin.
Click here… Kingsville Coin History Stories
K Design Blogs on first 2 coins:
Jack Minor Coin 2014
Colonol King Coin 2017

Special thanks to The Kingsville Archives, Kingsville-Gosfield Heritage Society, Veronica Brown and Kevin Fox & committee at the Kingsville Historical Museum for all the history lessons, brainstorming and image hunt/reference assistance.
Anyone interested in purchasing one of the historical coins can contact the Kingsville Town Hall.
New Kingsville Coin

Original Art

Kudos notes

Mayor Nelson Santos, Town of Kingsville:

Thank you Kristine for always bringing your A-game each and every time we turned an idea into a memorable story.
If there is anything worth bringing together, it is the people of the community and the history from the community.

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