Staging it Up

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New brand REFRESH completed for the Toronto based event staging company, RnR Staging! RnR was referred to us by another film backdrop client in Toronto. RnR has provided rigging for many BIG names such as Moulin Rouge, Def Leppard, Journey, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and MANY others! Not only does RnR provide rental equipment for performances and shows, they also do custom orders and are the ONLY Canadian Manufacturer of Freestanding Drape Hardware. They are always on the go!

RnR came to us wanting a refresh (but not complete revamp) of their current branding. Their double “RR” had become quite the recognized icon amongst their clients and prestigious following. So we ensured to keep their RR, but created some slight alterations to help give a better expression of their company and improved legibility for their target market and viewers. Finding a better font was key to assist to give the logo improved visual balance and more STRENGTH. The bolder font reflects the stability of their stage risers and support systems. We kept their burgundy, but tweaked the Pantone to better match their popular curtain colour, and added in a bit of visual flavour with some black and metallic silver accents to emulate the metal rigging and performance evening atmosphere.

Below showcases the final logos and select designs, including new crew shirts and equipment vans, now flashing all of Toronto! We redesigned all their stationery, invoices, business cards etc. as well.

FUN FACT: Their vans have a curtain image that wraps around the back and both sides. When the staging crew opens the back doors of the van, it ‘opens’ the curtain for the show and presentation of products. We also added a design to the TOPS of their vans to communicate to potential clients in the downtown Toronto high risers. Talk about elevating your advertising!
Enjoy the showcase of branding below, and stay tuned for their upcoming website.

New Branding & Select Designs

Snap Shots of their Warehouse

How often do you get to see behind the scenes?



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