Releasing the Bandits

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South County Bandits Volleyball Club- New Branding

After a tonne of concepts, meetings, hours and tweaks, we were excited to reveal the new branding & logo for the South County Bandits Volleyball Club at their annual athletic banquet last night. It was met with a resounding cheer from the 300+ attendants in the banquet hall! A very exciting moment and celebration.
K Design first worked through digging out all of the old South County logo concepts (7 variations- see visual below), and researched other clubs to ensure our solution would be unique and competitive, but also honour the history of the club. After hearing the history of the club by president Bernie, Kristine suggested it was time to BRING BACK THE BANDIT. The Bandit focus would allow for a new, more playful icon and help the club be more bold and original with their graphics and swag. It was also decided to maintain their unique black/white & teal colours along with an accent of orange. Exact Pantones were selected to ensure consistency. Creative Director, Kristine Verbeek worked through many MANY concepts, all illustrated in various styles. After much debate, committee and player surveys, the final ‘comic book style’ was selected. They loved having the shape of the ball included, and a STRONG, dynamic look & font. Can you find the hidden map of Windsor-Essex County subtly designed into the scarf? Kristine also designed it to include generic action ball lines, to ensure it works with any style of ball used into the future.
An extra big thank you goes out to SC Bandits Technical Director/Branding Coordinator, Drew Foster for coordinating all surveys and helping to lead the committee and presentations.
Have fun with your new branding, you awesome Bandits you!
Get ready to see this fun new logo EVERYWHERE.
Website is next!!
New Main Logo

Branding Guide / Jersey Designs

Bandits Beach Logos

Banquet Reveal


Kudos notes

Drew Foster, Technical Director/Team Council:

You are so cool.
It’s not even fair lol.
Share some coolness and talent with the rest of us!
Thank you for all your hard work and patience.

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