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Ontario Volleyball Ashbridges Bay Beach Court Signs

Volleyball players will now have a much easier time finding their courts for the Ashbridges Bay OVA Beach League, as well as understanding which courts are for public use.
Illustrated from scratch, Kristine designed 2 new signs to be positioned at the West near the parking lot, and at the East side bathing station. Both were designed to match the existing style of maps for Ashbridges Bay. Quite the tricky job! Good thing we like to dig our hands into digital sand, as much as our feet into the real stuff 🙂

Final design




For more information about the Ashbridges OVA Beach Volleyball League:
Twitter: @ashbirdgessvb
Email: ashbridgeinfo@ontariovolleyball.org

Kudos notes

Shawn McPhee, Manager of Beach Programs, Ontario Volleyball Association:

Thanks so much for the changes, it looks great! We are all set!!

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