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Parks Canada Merchandise Website

We are live! Another dream come true to redesign the merchandise website for this very Canadian + historical company, Parks Canada.
Along with designing new products for Parks Canada (since 2012), we were honoured to also receive the contract to revamp their entire site. We worked closely with both the programming + distribution company, Cotton Candy, and Park Canada Merchandising + Brand Division to ensure the right look + feel and desired functionality were achieved. We transformed the dark, busy, outdated website, into a brighter, cleaner looking site with improved interface management, navigation, beautiful eye-catching images and new special features such as social media integration.

Kristine also helped to come up with the catchy heading + image ideas for all banners. The images coincide with all the different styles of Parks (Nature, Historical, Marine) and encourage users to feel a personal PRIDE when shopping ie. My Parks, My History..My Memories etc.


Key features include:
  • Improved branding recognition
  • New background, banner designs + consistent colouring/affects
  • Improved interface management, navigation + information architecture
  • New splash page, teaser links + ads on home page
  • Fully bilingual French/English
  • 3 user groups easily accessible from opening or inner pages (Retailer, Employee, Public)
  • Social media integration
  • Fully synced with inventory + shipping systems
  • Improved product photography + images
  • Social Media Integration
  • Made in Canada category + improved icons for easier recognition
  • Sale corner banners
  • Mobile friendly

BEFORE home page
AFTER select page snap shots





Home Page BANNERS (Available English + French)





Kudos notes

Erika Taves, Brand Advisor, Parks Canada:

LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with what your Cotton Candy team (including Momma Nina), the Uducat programmers, Kris and Gen were able to pull off to get the e-store launched today.

This collaborative effort was fuelled by hard working, passionate, professional and talented people. It was no small feat to pull this one off and everyone deserves a huge pat on the back.
The e-store looks great – good job everyone!
Go team go!

Shruti, Administrator, Cotton Candy:

I’m glad you are happy with the new store – I think Kris did an amazing job with the design.
Nicki has been such a huge help in getting it to look so good in the time we had.
Thanks to everyone for making it happen!
Looking forward to working more with such an awesome team 🙂

Geneviève Garceau, Brand Officer, Merchandise, Parks Canada:

Thank you everybody for your GREAT work!! So nice an e-store now 🙂

Nicki Etheridge, Administrator, Cotton Candy:

Thanks Kris for all your efforts and hard work too. It’s been a group effort for sure and I think the final product speaks for itself

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