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Menu Designs – 2 Restaurants

Menus, menus…MENUS!
Beach House Grill needed a complete revamp of their multi-page menu to 3 single, laminated pages, to make them easier for staff to clean after each use, for Covid protocols. The 3 menus we designed for them were Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Dessert & Drinks. We also redesigned the entire look of the menus to be more family friendly, brighter, and BEACHY looking, to match their branding and fun interior decor. Beach House Grill is the only restaurant in all of Kingsville with a HUGE patio and lake view!

Forearm Graphics called on us to assist with some expertise InDesign menu layouts as well. We updated their original Armando Pizza Leamington Restaurant menu; including descriptions, pricing, and a new pizza back layout. We also resized the entire menu to a more budget-friendly paper print size of 11 x 17, and adjusted the edge affects so they looked better printed.
Another menu clean-up and update…COMPLETE!

If you are looking for some GREAT restaurants in the Essex County, Ontario area, to dine in or take out, here are their websites : Beach House Grill website
Armandos website.
New menu images are below…

New Menus


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