Capping off the Angel’s Share

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Logos – Innovative Distilling Technologies
David from IDT originally approached K Design Studio to create a new logo design for one of their new distillery products called, Smart CapTM. It was a brilliant product they designed and now manufacture to help preserve breweries from losing extra amounts of the “Angel’s Share” that typically evaporates from the barrels during processing. Their logo needed to be bold, easily recognizable, and easy to deboss onto products. We played with various styles of angel wings and brewery elements and the final design emerged (see below). K Design also helped IDT come up with their new product tagline, “Capping off the Angel’s Share”.
The client was so pleased with the logo, they requested K Design to redesign their main corporate logo for IDT and stationery! We designed their new IDT logo to work as a branded series with Smart CapTM, with matching colours, fonts and elements.
We loved working with IDT and wish them HIGH FLYING success! If you are interested in any of their amazing distilling products, contact General Manager, David at IDT 519-300-4128 or the President/Founder, Mark.


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