Splash Pad Signs

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Kingsville Splash Pads – Sign Designs

So this happened last week..
Installment of our Kingsville Lakeside SplashPad signs and Grand Opening ceremonies, which included a big bucket of water over the Kingsville Mayor Nelson’s head!!
Here is the winning design we created. Thank you for the 1000+ people who voted!

Our sign design was created to match the playful colours of the SplashPad equipment created by Titan Group and our Kingsville branding. Shout out to Kingsville project managers Tara Hewitt & Shaun Martinho, and stellar printing and installation job by Dave from Canada Signs! It was definitely a team effort.
We also designed a matching logo sign for Cottam’s Ridgeview SplashPad, Rules & Regulations signs, and 17 other door signs! (see pictures below)
K Design Studio proudly donated $800 towards the design costs for the SplashPad park signs. We love to give back to our community.
Come get splashed!

Signage Images | Kingsville Lakeside SplashPad & Cottam Ridgeview SplashPad

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