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Advertising Collateral for ForceField Protective Headgear™ Canada
Did you know that in Canada a concussion occurs every 3 minutes? Health Canada estimates up to 60,000 Canadian children and youth sustain a serious, quality of life altering, preventable head injury each year.
ForceField Protective HeadgearTM first found K Design online, and called us out of the blue last year saying that we were the ‘PERFECT fit for them’ with our design expertise and passion in sports designs. They were looking to take their Canadian division and product to the next level.
Our client’s story is quite amazing! A few years ago, Gigi Baxter witnessed a severe head injury to a loved one in a sporting event (in which head protection was not mandatory) which could have been lessened with protective headgear. She went hunting for a head protection option for him that he would be able to comfortably wear, and came across the ForceField headbands in the USA. She found that these products were already being extensively sold across USA and Europe and used by pro players, hospitals, and many other sports and clubs, but did not exist in Canada. Gigi created ForceField Protective HeadgearTM Canada, and became their Canadian distributor and Marketing Manager.
She is now working along side Dr. C.J. Abraham (inventor of the product) and the other international divisions to sell these high-tech, comfortable, and affordable headbands to curling, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheer leading clubs, hospitals, care centres leagues and MORE across Canada. All customizable to your club and company as well.
We have enjoyed designing for ForceField through the past year and have completed fresh new designs for her press kits, posters, letterheads, brochures etc. in both English and French. We are proud to work along side ForceField to help spread the word and protect heads across our country!

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To learn more about their products/order your ForceField headbands online today for your loved one, team or club…
ForceField Protective Headgear™ Canada
ForceField Protective Headgear™ USA

Kudos notes

Gigi Baxter, Marketing Manager/Distributor, Canada:

Hi Kristine,
I can’t get over how lucky I am to be working with you on this project.
I hope you know how grateful I am because I know you are the perfect talent for Forcefield in Canada.
I keep getting impressed. I agree with everything you’ve said, starting with the product description through to your ideas on down the road stuff..hope we get to work together for a long time. You couldn’t make this any easier.

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