Fruits of the Spirit Kids Program

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CBOQ Kids – Poster & Bookmarks

Tanya Yuen, the Children and Family Ministries Leader for Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Québec, met Kristine Verbeek, Creative Director of K Design Studio, MANY moons ago. Tanya had been following Kristine’s creative journey through the years, and knew she loved doing children’s designs and illustration. She reached out to see if she would be interested in designing a promo poster and bookmarks for her fall children’s program. The theme of the program was “Fruits of the Spirit” and cultural inclusivity. Kristine was excited to get reconnected and help her with the fun project!

Tanya wanted to teach about the “Fruits of the Spirit” with multiple lessons and social posts, and needed a visual for each “Fruit”; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Kristine suggested matching up a cute animal with each “fruit” ie. Dove with Peace, Butterfly with Patience etc. She loved that idea, so we created a brainstorm list for her to choose from. Each character was custom illustrated to appear to be leaping out of the book illustration to go with the tagline “Learn it. Live it”. For inclusivity we added children of different ethnic backgrounds to add to the excitement of the poster. We kept the colours bright and playful, but matching with their corporate CBOQ branding.
The bookmarks were designed to match the design of the posters, but still fun and simple. Tanya wanted the children to be able to colour the back, so Kristine created colourable black and white versions of each animal. Space was left at the top of the bookmarks for hole punches and tassels. We also created a QR code to help the readers JUMP right to their website with all the links and info for the program with their mobile devices. The final result looks playful, informative, thought provoking and gets the readers right to the site for more info!

Dealing with MANY locations across Ontario and Québec, Tanya needed the printing and shipping to be cost-efficient, and have the option for each ministries to download the digital art. We designed the posters onto standard 11″ x 17″, and created both high resolution print and emailable files. The distribution went very smooth, and was easy for her team to mail and each ministry to share!

Good luck Tanya & team with your fun program this fall!
You can check out their online kids programs here: CBOQ Kids Website

Poster and Bookmarks Designs


Client Comments

Tanya, Director CBOQ Kids:

It has been so fun to work with you on this project! The design is amazing and it looks fantastic printed. Love that it allowed us to reconnet too! I hope we can work again in the future- you’ve given me so many ideas!

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