ALS 12hrs Together WE CAN

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April 23, 2017 ALS 12hr Run – Lakeside Park, Kingsville, ON
ALS logo, poster and website for this 2017 epic event are now ready to rock & run! The 3 fellas are at it again..battling the elements and their physical limitations raising $ for ALS. This April 23, they will be running continuous 12hr around Lakeside Park in Kingsville, Ontario, along with a few other motivated supporters. This annual event was created in memory of Tommy Wallace, father of Kyle Wallace, one of the runners in the event. Tommy passed away from the disease in 2013. We hope to raise awareness and funds for current and future patients and their families battling with ALS.


There are many ways you can help and join in on the fun too! Check out our website for all the event details: ALS WE CAN website.


Kristine Verbeek, Creative Director for K Design, is proud to be volunteering her creative efforts to promote and support them for a third year. Special thanks to Trevor Page from Innoveight for donating his time to do the website programming, and Greg Fischer from Speedprint for printing the posters. Good luck Jamie Waldron, Kyle Wallace & Jay Thompson!
Together..WE CAN!

Logo design + Symbolism
The white silhouette is the map of Essex County.
The running tread mark contains illustrated silhouettes of Kyle and his dad. They are joined within the same tread to represent the connection and imprint loved ones make on our lives, and how together we can make a difference.


Wordpress CMS powered website.

Key Features include:
– SEO + Social media integration
– Fading banners
– Stylized and auto sortable portfolio/gallery
– PayPal integrated donations
– Donation Tally control
– Built-in customized Widgets such as Auto form fields, Video embedding etc.
– Fully Responsive design for mobile devices
– Comment spam protection

Kudos notes

Jamie Waldron, Ultra-Marathon Runner, ALS Organizer/Participant:

Thanks Kris. Looks awesome, as always!


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