Sport-Glo Apparel Inc.


The owners of Sport-Glo are a family of runners that came to us with a great vision and dream of a creating a new company that would provide affordable reflective, custom designed products for an active target market, who wanted to be seen, and stay safe. They understood how dangerous roadways could be, and how expensive reflective wear could be, yet how important it was to wear bright reflective wear at all hours of the day along roadways. Being a family of 5 with 3 kids, cost was important, but also fashion, and comfort. They wanted to create products that theirs, and other people’s kids would WANT to wear too! Their mission was to create a company to provide consumers with custom iron-on decals that were easy to order online and ship anywhere in North America! Our job was to help them create their new branding, website and all the new iron-on decals.


Research was completed on competitors and client target. We reviewed creative strategies, budgets and dream marketing goals to ensure we found a unique, and competitive, affordable solution.


Their logo was first designed, which helped capture the sporty feel and icon of movement and bright colours. Fun accent orange was established for their brand.


We then helped design and flow their new corporate look and feel across the board on packaging, banners, website and social media. Simultaneously we developed the first series of reflective decals so that client could prepare for immediate shipment upon launch. Client found the perfect decal product that could reflect both day and night, and final colour selections were confirmed. We brainstormed together and created a TONNE of initial decal designs with a wide range from simple (like dots and stripes), to unique, sporty and fun decals (cool flags, lizards, hockey, motivational saying etc.) that were various sizes so that buyers could choose the option that would work best with their style and clothing.

Then the LAUNCH!

Follow up assistance was provided with website and creation of new products with planning for the upcoming year.  Ongoing support is being provided as they need.

Key Services
  • New logo and corporate identity
  • Banner Stands for Trade shows
  • Decal designs
  • Website creative assistance
The Result

Their new logo, corporate identity, decals and online media are now out in the world and being bought online all over North America, and by Corporate Companies to make their active clients more safe and visible in their activities!
We are proud to be the graphic designers and illustrators of this amazing new company, Sport-Glo. We believe in their products, wear their products and love that we are helping save people’s lives all over North America!
Be safe. Be seen. GLO wherever you GO!


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Paul Radcliffe- Toronto Waterfront Marathon


Kudos Notes

Becky Cowan, Owner, Sport-Glo

Hey Kris – all I can say is WOW!!!!!
Fantastic Job – I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be good but didn’t know how good!
You have done an absolutely amazing job.