Commercial Environments

K Design Studio enjoys working along side professional retail developers or interior designers to create graphics that integrate with the interior design theme or layout. 3D visuals can be created to help the customer visualize, or sell their concepts and ideas.

Visual samples include:

Cleveland Botanical Gardens
This USA facility required visual concepts and ideas on how they could revitalize their facility to increase traffic flow and encourage repeat visitors. K Design Studio created visuals, along with extensive research to present to them how to transform their stark environment into a ‘WOW’ facility with educational, stimulating, interactive opportunities for both children + adults. We also made suggestions for their sign and way-finding systems.

Art Directing for Tropicana, Gatorade & Quaker at OSL, Kristine was required to present 3D conceptual in-store visuals to support the retail design concepts.

Sanremo Café & Bakery Inc.
Design strategies were coordinated with interior design company to maintain a cohesive, colourful, family-feeling atmosphere; to attract both regular traditional clients along with new youth of the neighbourhood. Projects included: fresh corporate identity, digital and printed POS, business templates, packaging, retail bags + boxes and website.
See Sanremo Feature Project section for full success story.


Meadowvale Optometry
Permanent and removable banners and decals were created for the front and back windows of this stylish new Optometry location. They communicated to passing potential clients their main list of services, seasonal deals and create a friendly atmosphere.


We also noticed an empty side display window that was not being utilized and would be right in the eye of the public as they walked along the side. We transformed this empty space into an eye-catching, changeable window display where they could showcase new products.


Splat’s Pub
New owners were looking to design up the very bland grey walls with something unique, memorable and good for all ages 19+ (wide client base). Since the pub was built from an old garage (garage door still used for patio days), K Design suggested a car/vehicle theme. They loved this idea since their passion and careers coincided with cars as well.
We designed up multiple walls with shiny, new looking car parts and interesting arrangements of driving scenes. The band area needed to be a focal point, so we came up with many ideas. It was decided to give it a different background colour (deep purple), add in cool reflective 3D vehicle mirrors and feather in their logo for photography advertising.

Point Pelee National Park Interpretive Sign Design
This will be displayed in front of the new Visitor Centre ‘Miniature Marsh’ (pond), to help educate visitors about it’s unique ecosystem. Come check out the pond and all it’s AMAZING species from spring until the fall. Here are some more designs created for the park: Point Pelee Designs

Friends of Point Pelee National Park Staff Uniforms
Some fun and eye-catching new uniforms, with custom illustrated designs, migrated over from K Design Studio to Point Pelee National Park for the season grand opener– Festival of the Birds, launched spring 2018. See if you can find staff wearing these new lime polos at the Visitor Centre and Canoe Rental Store.