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2014 Parks Canada Merchandise Posters

Parks Canada requested a new poster series for our new “Memories Collection” National Merchandise Program now being sold in parks across Canada. The posters’ main objectives were to EXCITE visitors to purchase memorable souvenirs and direct them to the location of the stores within each park.
The image selection and photography was extra tricky, since there are different styles of parks (just over 200 Nature + Historical sites) and various products sold at each location. We needed the poster backgrounds to be neutral to locations, as well as models to be ethnically, age + product diverse. We decided to do a range of posters for the stores to select from. Kristine brainstormed with the merchandise team to come up with various catchy headings and slogans that could be used bilingually. We also wanted to complement the visuals + titling with their new website + banners. (designed by K Design as well)
We decided on 9 initial posters, sized 11″ x 17″ so that the Parks can download + print out themselves. A space was left at the bottom where they can write in their info/directions to their park retail store.
Lots more ideas down our creative sleeves for later..but these will hopefully get the ball/products + ‘memories’ rolling!

Poster with sample text

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