Hat Trick Season

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NHL® / Reebok® Signage • 100 Lids Stores

NHL® is back-in-action! So are the retailers who are looking to promote new team products and feed into the NHL® hype. K Design Studio was called upon by the NHL® to coordinate prepping art files, print production and distribution for this rush joint headwear program between NHL® and Reebok®. This was an exciting, time sensitive project that needed to coincide along the USA. Over 1300 team specific signs were successfully delivered to 100 Lids locations across Canada within 2 weeks…no errors.
Now that’s worth celebrating!


Points for ‘assists’ go out to Small Army in Boston and the team at Canadian Impact Imaging (now known as RP Graphics) in Mississauga. Thanks so much for your stellar work!


You can check out these cool new hats + March promotion at a Lids store near you!
Here are some of our own action shots of the event…
Printing files – Agfa flatbed

Cutting out signs – Zund Flatbed Cutter

Finished signs being sorted – 1 of 7 teams

Signs being loaded into shipping sleeves


Thanks to Sam + Jody at NHL. Fun project + celebration!

Thank you notes

Jody Wong, Coordinator, Retail Sales & Marketing at NHL®:

Thank you both for the hard work in getting us to the finish line!

Jeff Freedman, CEO at Small Army:

Thanks! Hope to work with you again soon.

Ron Gellatly, Manager at RP Graphics:

I am thrilled just to be working with you on the NHL. Everyone likes to hear the words “thank you” being said after the job.
Keep up the good work you do with them, and I hope we can do more going forward.
Thank you Kris

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